Friday, 30 October 2015

Ye Christmas Shoppe is almost done...

Hi all.  I was busy yesterday, working on the shop.  It was a very mucky afternoon,  lots of grungy stuff going on, mostly on me!   There was sand, glue, mod podge, PVA... paint,  at one point I nearly dipped my paint brush into my tea!

Gluing the wooden panels onto the walls was a bit fiddly,  needed to hold it down until the glue had 'grabbed'.  All the edges had to be painted,  the dark wood means it sometimes takes a few coats.  

By the time I had glued on the wooden panels it was getting dark,  and I was feeling rather peckish.  So it was time to tidy up and leave the shop to dry completely overnight. 

Today it was time to check everything had stuck, and to touch up any areas that I'd missed.  Next task was to glue the front of the shop together, after I'd created some 'cobblestones' on the pavement.   To do that I used blobs of some tacky glue following the pattern on the pavement, then covering it in sand,  this was repeated twice more.  Once that was dry,  I could start putting the front of the shop together. 

Next,  I glued the roof supports to the roof.   Finally I measured then cut the roof tiles.   Tiling and painting the roof is a job for tomorrow. 

Another view, and you can now see the door properly.  I popped up to Hobbycraft to get some tacky glue, felt and blade for my paper cutter.  I was also looking for a very small Christmas tree,  didn't find one :-(    But I did buy a small plywood disc,  which I felt would be perfect as a base for the shop.   It was only 80p,  can't complain at that, and there is no way I could have cut a circle. 

I want to create a snowy scene,  got my flowersoft snow ready,  will have to source a Christmas tree from somewhere.  Hoping that I'll find something suitable among all the ornaments that are starting to fill the supermarkets and shop shelves.   There'll be snow on the shop as well, and the pavement. 

My other reason for going to the retail park was to get something nice for my dinner from M&S, and to have a nosy at their Xmas decs.  They only had a small display,  no doubt by next week it will be twice as big.  I did see something suitable, but it was inside a snow globe!   And just what is it with people and food halls, especially those that aren't very big?   As usual there were the dozy types, and the idiots who were chatting to their friends and blocking the entire aisle!  There was one woman who seemed oblivious to everyone trying to get passed her, twice I said 'excuse me' and twice she ignored me to carry on chatting to her friend.    And don't get me started on the dozy customers at the checkout,  who seem to think they have all the time in the world to pack their bags, then fish round for their purse, and who don't move their trolley out of the way.    I did get my 'meal',   roast beef, roasties all in a yorkshire pud, with gravy...  loverly!   That's for tomorrow, tonight it was chicken chow mein,  followed by a cream slice,  and Harvey got some cream :-)   Against my better judgement he has gone out,  well he was howling - loudly.   It seems quiet out there,  I hope it remains that way.    Our take on mischief night was to turn a few gates round the wrong way, or knock on doors and run away, we never damaged anything.  And there was no such thing as trick or treat,  we had bob apple, and other daft games inside our own homes. 

Well that is all for tonight,  stay safe this weekend, enjoy Hallowe'en, and watch out for low flying witches... ;-)   

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