Monday, 11 January 2016

A snowy scene

Well considering the weather forecast for the next few days the photo is pretty apt.  There is already a definite chilly edge to the air in the Pool,  this morning the car was somewhat frosty.  Even at 11 a.m. I was still scraping ice off the windscreen.  I had been a yucky night, rain, as usual, then the wind got up for a while,  odd that Harvey hasn't been demanding to go out in the middle of the night lately!

So to the Hall.  I spent yesterday afternoon covering the base with a mix of gravel, sand and grass.  Whilst that was drying I sprinkled some glitter onto the hall,  just a sprinkling of the stuff here and there.   Once it was dry it was time to dab on some white paint using a very, very fine brush.  

Yep, there are now a few tiles on the roof.  Plus lots more green stuff, and that shrub is growing!   Putting the grass on is laborious, there has to be a generous splodging of glue first,  then an equally generous sprinkling of grass, which is then tamped down with a spoon.  Then it has to dry cos if you touch it then it will just come off.   Same procedure with the gravel and sand,  so it all takes time to apply.    It does allow you to do other stuff, like play a game,  feed the cat, make tea, watch the darts...   I used to be good at darts.  For some odd reason the all girls school I attended had a darts board and a snooker table - go figure!   So I spent many a lunch time honing my throwing skills,  which was helpful later in hustling my male ambulance service colleagues.

Just to prove that I did do the other side of the base.  The sand will become 'snow' at some juncture.   There is also the beginnings of another bit of shrubbery.  

Today it was more snow,  and more greenery, plus painting of sand.  Oh I also put some snow on the fence.   This time the intervals were taken up by some form filling and paying of bills.   While Harvey watched his squirrel video, he's addicted! 

Not as tired today, but then I'd had a lazy Sunday.  On Saturday I was so tired,  I had planned to pop up to Hobbycraft just for a look round, but after getting stuff in the supermarket I just came straight home.  I was thinking before of how fit I was in my younger days,  able to carry folk up and down a flight of stairs,  could manage some of the Jane Fonda workout,  and loved dancing.  Now I get puffed going up a flight of stairs.  

That's all for tonight,  more snow tomorrow, on the Hall...  doubt we'll get any round here.  Stay safe and warm.

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