Thursday, 21 January 2016

Coming together...

The grey and soggy stuff has returned...  yuck.   Give me cold, frosty mornings any time.  Another fractious night,  but slightly better than the previous one.  

I have made more progress on the lodge.  The chimney stack was 'bricked', so to speak,  and here it is in situ.   I've also begun to dab on a bit of the Black Soot,   which also helps to define the brick work a bit more.   The annexe is just about ready for its roof,  I tidied up all the edges and painted them,  just a few more touches of this and that,  ageing stuff...  or should that be 'weathering'?    Who knows!

The arch surround to the gothic window was fixed into place,  oh and the window has now been tidied up!   The brickwork has made such a difference to the whole thing,  it is looking quite realistic. 

Work on the main bit is slower,   progress seems to be slow,  but it it simply because it is made up of more pieces.   I've discovered, through trial and error, that each bit must be carefully considered in how finished they need to be before moving on to the next section.    Does that make sense?

This is the front,  last night I posted a pic of the inside.   I decided to give the porch the 'brick' work effect,   the front door is now in place, and its surround,  the roof is on as well.  However, the porch is not secured to the frontage, this is what I meant by knowing how 'finished' each section can be before adding another bit.  If I glued the porch into place then it would be very difficult to put the tiles on the roof.

There was no chance of going to the beach front today, the weather was against me.  Then I had to go back to the supermarket to get - loo rolls!   I forgot them yesterday,  and they were on my exceptionally small list.    And of course the moment I stepped out the door the heavens opened!    Will it ever stop bloody raining?   No, not for a couple of days, I mean for  a few weeks!     Oh and my energy supplier has finally decided to pass on some miniscule savings...  grrr, gas prices have been plummeting and I get a measly 5% off my bill this year,  well excuse me if I don't break out the champagne.  Funny how prices rocket when the suppliers put up their prices,  yet when they fall they never pass on the savings to us, do they?  

Right, plans for tomorrow,   given up making plans, I shall see what the day brings me.   Stay warm and dry!

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