Thursday, 14 January 2016

Going back to basics.... kind of!

I thought because it has been so cold we should step inside the hall, just imagine a roaring fire in that fireplace!   

I certainly felt the cold today, especially my hands.  I really didn't think I'd need my gloves to bring in the recycling bins,  however I was proved wrong and really suffered.  The situation wasn't improved at the supermarket,  I had to pull down my coat sleeves to try to warm up my hands.  

I spent more time working on the base today.  I filled in a few gaps round the house.  This time I just mixed the sand with the glue, then let it dry before adding the paint.   Plus I added more foliage to the bushes,  and started a new one.

I also used the glue and sand mix to fix the gate into place.   Sadly the glue gun didn't work,  I hope it does on the other two bits of fence.  It is now firmly stuck in place!   The gate also opens,  the detail in these small properties is quite incredible.   There is no way I'd have the patience to cut out a gate like this,  even if I could. 

And finally, the woodstore, complete with wood.   It has had some snow added, well it will soon look like snow once it's had a coat of paint.  The wood is a chopstick,   no idea why there were chopsticks in the kitchen drawer, but there they were.  

Harvey has been a happy cat.  Yesterday I got him some fishy food,  he tucked into the tuna with gusto and cleaned his dish.  So I've been alternating his food between meat and a fishy pack of food, so far it has worked.  For once he has a full tum,  hence he is curled up fast asleep.  He's also been mooching around me looking for cuddles,  only because he's cold you understand.  I think he was hoping I'd put the heating on today, but I held firm, well I wasn't cold and I told him that with his fur coat he shouldn't be either. And what did he then do, plonked himself on my lap and refused to budge!  

Well the weather is set to get even colder,  I've dug out all my warm socks,  and more jumpers.  I think I'll go get myself a really warm pair of gloves tomorrow.   

All for now,  a new property is winging its way to me,  might be here tomorrow.  Stay warm.

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