Saturday, 9 January 2016

Progress is slow... just been overtaken by snail!

A little more progress on Winterberry Hall.   Yesterday I made some paving,  or should that be: I laid some paving stones?   Well I rolled out some of the paper clay (it is lovely to work with),  and put it in front of the Hall, then cut round the window and doorstep,  next stage was to use the plastic mould to make the imprints of the paving slabs.  

I added more sand,  and more grass, plus there is the start of a bush!   There will be a few more trees, and more greenery,  oh plus a lot of snow - or rather glitter painted white. That's what I did on the Yuletide shop and it worked very well. 

 There is one tree.   It is one of the Christmas trees I found in the Garden Centre, lingering amongst the Xmas decs.  I removed it from its plastic base, then using some of the paper clay I made a new base for it.  

Then I had to wait for all the clay to dry before I could do anything else.  I've now given the paving area a coat of paint, just a primer.  The tree base will get some sand, grass and snow on it tomorrow.   And the actual base will be covered in more stuff, whatever takes my fancy.  At some point this week I shall begin to add the roof tiles. I've been busy making them, so they are ready to go.  

And finally, here is Harvey, indulging in his new hobby: watching birds and squirrels on MY kindle.   He spent a whole hour watching this video,   he was fascinated by the squirrels, not sure what he thought they were!  He tried catching one or two of the birds,  but most of the time he just sat there utterly fascinated.  If I dared to pick the kindle up to look at it, well he immediately jumped up on my lap and demanded that he have the kindle back!  Today he was pawing at the kindle,  thus telling me he wanted to watch his favourite TV show.   Honestly I'll have a cat with square eyes at this rate. 

Oh I have also bought a new house,  well I had some good news so decided a treat was necessary.  Not had a lot of good news,  but for once I got a letter saying that someone wished to give me some money!  Not sure how much,  it is my works pension, I had forgotten that it kicks in this year.  It means more form filling, and more informing of everyone,  but I have to wait first to see how much I'll get.  So with that nice bit of financial news I headed off to Petite Properties and bought Cemetery Lodge,  yeah, sounds a bit grim, but it is such a lovely house - and gives me scope for some spooky stuff! 

I also learned how to do some maintenance on my vape machines.  Who knew you had to maintain them?   I had noticed that one wasn't working, so went to Google,  and googled 'vape maintenance', and yes loads of vids came up.  So I stripped one ecig down, and gave it a good clean, and now it works perfectly.  Still not smoking,  have had a few 'moments' but not given in to them.  My hairdresser has also now taken the plunge,  he'd got an ecig but said he couldn't get the hang of it.  So I showed him how to use it,  and he said he'd give it a go.  That was before Christmas,  but he didn't quit until New Year.  What non smokers don't realise that until a smoker really wants to quit then they won't,  they'll try and fail.  That's what happened to me, and with many of my friends,  last October I decided that I really did want to quit, and that was that.   It was the same with Bill, my hairdresser, he too decided he was fed up with smoking.    He and I had a good old natter on Thursday,  he has been cutting my hair for... a very long time!    Mum found him,  I was using a posh salon in town, but whe my hairdresser headed off to pastures new I decided to try somewhere else.  Mum persuaded me to give Bill a try, and I did, to my surprise I found out that he'd started at the posh salon in town.  He's a great hairdresser,  I never have any problems blow drying my hair after he's cut it, it just falls back into shape.  It was a relief to get it cut on Thursday,  I'd left it a little bit too long, but that was all down to my extreme tiredness.  Oh and I am still tired,  it took me ages to get going today,  just didn't want to get up, mind you, neither did Harvey, he was happy to stay snuggled up beside me.  I told him that it was his fault that I had to get up as he needed food!   I hoped that the fresh air would wake me up, but it didn't,  I'd slightly mistimed one of my meds, and if I do that then it does make me feel a little more tired.   

Tomorrow is: focus on base day, really need to get going on it.   I have to admit that Railway Terrace is depressing me, it hasn't turned out like I hoped.   I think I need to put it to one side for a while and come back to it.  I've kind of lost my way with it. 

Now my one wish for this upcoming weeks is: for the bloody rain to stop!   It poured down in the night, then dried up for a while today, but by 3.30 the rain had returned.  I am so sick of it.  There are huge puddles everywhere,  which I know isn't anything like the flooding in other areas.   My heart really does go out to those whose houses have been flooded, and I hope that their misery doesn't go on for too long. 

All for tonight,  may be back tomorrow with update on the Hall.   Try to stay dry, oh and warm, it is starting to get cold out there.  Take care.

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