Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Time for a new project

New week, new project!   Sadly it does have a grim sounding name: Cemetery Lodge, and wait till you see the extras that will eventually accompany it!   It has two parts, main building and an annexe, two floors in main part.  Lots of arched doorways and an arched window.  As you can see I've made a start,  the inside painted and everything glued into place.  Er, not the front bit,  that is separate from the building. 

I even had a go at making floorboards.  I used the papercutter to cut thin strips of brown card, the core card.  That was glued down and I used one of the thin liner pens to draw some lines, it was all finished off with a couple of coats of the glossy mod podge.   Oops, before that lot I sanded the card a little to give it a worn look. 

Today it was time to start making some brick work.  This mask makes 'coarsed' brick work.  It arrived today,  so after prepping the outside of the lodge,  coat of PVA,  then a coat of paint (to give the impression of mortar) it was time to add the bricks.    This work can get a tad messy, but it is worth it.   Here I was trying to miss as much of the door and window as I could, but to also get the molding paste on thick enough. 

I did this bit as well,  and managed to finish it in two goes.   This mask is easier to work with than the brick mask as it is a little bigger.  I think I made a neat job around the door frame.     I've managed to complete two sides on each bit and should get the rest of the lodge done tomorrow.

As always there is a huge amount to be done,  it is a bit like building a proper house.  The Hall is still being worked on,  lots more foliage, roof tiles and trying to decide where to put the lamp. 

I have been feeling a little less tired recently,  I think the Vit D stuff has finally kicked in, but still not feeling a hundred per cent.   And boy has it been on the cold side!   But I've still not had to indulge in much extra heating due to all the insulation. 

Then there his HIM.  Yes, he does look cute!  Today he confounded me.   He demanded breakfast, so I opened up a fresh packet of food, it went into a nice, clean dish and... he turned up his nose and walked off.   An hour later I popped into his 'bedroom',  my large airing cupboard, he was reposing in his 'bed',  or what was the laundry basket.  I offered up the bowl of food he'd refused earlier and... he gobbled it all up!   Go figure,  in fact if you can explain, feel free!   All cats are fussy, it is a given, but he is the gold medallist of fussiness, and also massive u-turns...   wonder if it was because I threatened to give him away?    Don't let that cute face fool you,  Harvey can be a right PIA when he chooses. 

And I'm happy to report that I am still smoke free,  not a cigarette has touched my lips since October.  I'm pretty happy with my vape machine,  now using Minty Gum.  Mind you there is more to it than you think, the machine needs some maintenance,  plus you have to replace the coil, they're cheap as chips, a couple of quid, the e liquid is a fiver and lasts a couple of weeks, so saving all round.  Well I woud be if it weren't for all the bills!    Love to know why the utility bills are so high, gas and oil prices have been tumbling for the last couple of years.  Mine are way down on last year, thanks to the wall cavity stuff,  so chuffed with that.   I've also been sorting out my cupboards,  funny out out of date food lurks in cupboards, I found some pickled onions that were best before 2014!   They are looking a bit bare,  guess that is how it is when there is just one of you.  It took a while to get used to buying and cooking for one, but think I've cracked it now.  Appetite has shrunk lately,  jeans feel looser,  and the breathlessness continues. 

Well think that's all for now,  be back in a couple of days with a full 'bricked' lodge.   Stay warm folks, and thanks for dropping by.

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