Sunday, 24 January 2016

Topped off...

I know the pic is crooked, but honestly the Lodge is straight!  It is precariously balanced on a drawing pad.   I made real progress today and made up the two roofs.

I actually didn't think I'd be doing much today as I really felt very ill last night.  I woke about 2ish, with a raging sore throat, feeling rotten,  just wiped out.  I took some painkillers and ibuprofen, and a nice mug of tea,  it took nearly an hour before they kicked in and I got back to sleep.

The back of the house,  roof tiles and chimneys now needed.

 Oh and a gable roof to be completed.  The the side door is in,  its surround now in place...  all windows now accounted for! 

The annexe,   which is still not attached to the main building, and won't be until the roof tiles are on.

Back to me, and not feeling very well.  I slept through till half seven, then needed to take more tablets, and a cuppa.  I still felt awful, so curled up and went back to sleep.   This is how I felt before the extreme fatigue started, and which, up until yesterday, had been improving, started.   I'm feeling a tad more human now, but starting to feel tired.  Harvey has just returned from his evening walkabout,  at some point he had a 'row' with the girlfriend,  much fur seemed to be flying! 

I just hope this bug now buggers off,  last time I had the sore throat for over a week, then the fatigue kicked in big time.   Sadly I didn't make the beach again,  shame really as the sun did come out mid morning.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a better day, I hope that I have enough energy to enjoy it.  I have to switch to card making mode tomorrow and finish off my swap card.

I'm off to my bed,  take good care and have a lovely weekend.  

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