Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Getting that weathered look

Well in spite of my slow start to the day,  partly due to me not being able to get to sleep last night,  I made a lot of progress on the Lodge.  

I managed to complete all the brickwork,  even a really fiddly bit!   So it was all ready to be tidied up, sanded and painted.  After that I sanded it back again to give it a weathered look,  it will  also  be getting a few dabs of Black Soot.  

With the walls all tidied up and painted, I could start putting in the windows and surrounds.   I always enjoy this bit,  the building seems to start taking on some character.   This arched window is really nice,   it needs a wee bit of tidying up with a cotton bud at some stage. 

The arched window is at the end of the annexe,  this is the front with window, surrounding it is a 'quoin',  that is the name of the fancy frame.  Who knew?   Okay, I guess builders do. 

The paint is 'sidewalk grey',  by Crown, should you want to paint a few walls. The wall looks nicely battered,  which is how it is meant to look. 

Final pic of is of the inside of the front of the Lodge.    I do like that door!   I used some watered down umber to paint it, then gave it a gentle sanding. The door handle is a seed bead.  Windows also in and have been given a tidy up. 

All in all a good afternoon's work.   I also managed to get some clay onto the front step and use the paving stone mould to create the impression of paving slabs.  I've painted the front porch, but now think I should put some bricks on the front of it...  now if I had taken a pic you'd know what I meant.  Will mull that over.  I'm also wondering about putting hinges on the main roof.  All stuff to ponder. 

I did have a very sluggish start to the day,  woke up at around 7ish,  but it was too early to get up so turned over intending to just have another hour in bed...  and woke up at 9 a.m.   Harvey was also snuggled up beside me, he clearly doesn't like these frosty mornings!    I don't mind the cold stuff, far better than all the soggy weather we've had of late. 

So the plan for tomorrow is... no idea.  Kind of depends on my energy levels,  which still aren't great, I have that 'half empty' feeling.   And it depends on the weather,  if it is sunny then I may go look at the sea and read my book, and if not... 

Stay warm and safe.

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