Sunday, 24 January 2016

On the tiles

From plain rooves, to those with tiles!   I am definitely getting the hang of making tiles.  This only took me two afternoons.   I took the porch away so that you could see the very cute front door.   This little house has come together so quickly,  it wasn't as involved as Winterberry Hall (sill ongoing),  but it was a lot of stop and start with the brick work.  It just needs its chimnies and a few other bits to be added, and of course the landscaping.

I always think the houses look smart with their tiled roofs.   The roof will now be painted, and 'dressed' or weathered.  I enjoy that bit, adding sand, mixing up various paints and dabbing it on then the roof comes to 'life'.

 Another angle, the side door.  Once the Lodge is on its base I'll add a small step.   There'll be a side garden, and at the front a strip of grass, then a shingle path,  after that there will be the: graveyard! 

I picked up a piece of plywood at Hobbycraft yesterday,  I can only assume that the hobbyists must have asked for a wider variety of wood as there was a bigger selection, plus the area had some new shelving.    I also got a cheap set of brushes, and a teeny tiny trowel, used by artists, but in my case it will be used to fill in hard to reach gaps.    I was in luck as the brushes were on offer! 

Last pic, the complete Lodge, with the porch.  The main roof has had a coat of primer,  while the annexe is still white. 

Not been a good weekend, I'm having a few problems getting to sleep.  I was trying not to worry about it and of course ended up worrying about it!     I'm used to waking up and not getting back to sleep, but I've always seemed to get to sleep.    Too much worrying going on!   My neighbour was taken into hospital yesterday,  I'm really annoyed at the carer, she never told me, even though I've asked her to do so, nor did she bother to ensure his family were notified, so I had to tell his son today, who had been telephoning his dad and wondering why there was no answer.  The poor man raced round and wondered what the hell he was going to find.   I'm doubly annoyed with the carer, she rang the ambulance but didn't wait till it came, she went off to her next job!  The other carers are lovely, and make time for my neighbour, but this one carer is more concerned with arranging her social life than her clients,  I often hear her on her phone arranging to meet up with a friend after work.   Grrrr....   My sister worked as a carer for a while,  and I know it is a tough job, but even so there is still time and room for compassion.  And if there isn't then what the hell is wrong with this society? 

Oops, seem to have slipped onto my soap box, but it does annoy me, and I really do wonder what is happening to our society and why we are allowing so much bloody misery to be inflicted on others?  Now I will get down off my soap box.  Harvey is demanding food so best go and feed him.

Thanks for stopping by...  landscaping this week!

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