Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Let there be sunshine!

A dry day,  indeed it was dry all day, the sun shone, there was blue sky...   I nearly fell over in shock.  Can this state of affairs last?  

A recap on Railway Terrace.  The pavement is now in place,  just need to sort out front, and finish off roof tiles, oh and put the chimney on.  And of course, find the blooming front doors.  I had another look around the craft desk, they are there,  but they are 'lurking',  in some safe place!

 Winterberry Hall wasn't forgotten today.   I found a suitable dowel that I was sure would be the right size for the wood store.  And I was right,  I've begun cutting it down to 1cm pieces, and will mix it in with a thinner dowel. 

I also remembered to glue the front porch roof into place, and managed to straighten the roof over the window. 

I also survived blitzing the cupboards in the kitchen.  It wasn't so much of a blitz, more like a tidy up.   I did get rid of things that were a tad out of date...  only by a few years!   Harvey of course had to investigate the lower cupboard - right after I'd cleaned it,  he left a nice set of muddy paws in it.   The kitchen has now had a tidy up, and I've got three vases, a glass thingy, two torches and a cutlery drainer to go to the charity shop!    More stuff to be added as the clear out continues. 

I seemed to have found some positivity today,   so I made use of it and cancelled a useless insurance policy and my Now TV account.  The latter took some doing,  in the end I had to get in touch with their helpdesk, who were very good, but even so it should have been much easier. There was no instructions on how to cancel the account online.   I make every effort to save water,  yet the most expensive charge on the bill is for surface water and highway drainage,  something I have no bloody control over, so why do we get clobbered?   As for the farce of having privatised water companies, there is no bloody point in being a private company unless there is competition!   Moan over,  it has been a good day,  things accomplished,  dry weather and some sunshine thrown in. 

Hope you've had a good day. 

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