Friday, 26 September 2008

A whole week of sunshine!

Been a bit like summer packed into one week. Amazing what a bit of sunshine does, folk come out, everyone looks happy.

Spent yesterday out doors. Went with mum and a neighbour to sit outside cafe bar. Very pleasant, at least we gave cab driver big laugh. I'd come out of house first, so he saw me, plaster cast on arm, hobbling on crutch, so I says: wait till you see what is following... then mum appears on zimmer! Still it is a conversation starter. Also had some scallops from chippy, funny how chips always taste better when eaten from paper. Then decided to go revisit site of accident, wanted to see if if I'd just been a klutz or the pavement was uneven. Got a shock, as it is very uneven with a few cracked paving blocks. Now torn between making a claim or not bothering. This ain't about making a fortune, but I have now been warned that it could take me up six months or more before i can walk properly, and I may need further surgery. Got to consider that work won't pay me forever. Could do with a fairy godmother to wave her wand, make it all better... life sucks...

Which is why I'm off out tomorrow, only to do same as I did yesterday, but it is nice sitting in sunshine munching on chippy chips.

Have a lovely weekend :-))

Oh, pic, taken in Santa Monica.... honest it is a real car... obviously owned by someone with a sense of humour

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