Friday, 12 September 2008

not a good day

Still can't sleep, seem to manage to sleep till 3 a.m. and then wake up, as in wide awake! Really cannot cope with this damned splint on leg, almost took it off last night. So just lay there, awake, till 4.30, when I got up and had breakfast, well had to eat something so I could take the anti inflammatories. More fitful sleep till I gave up at 7.30 and got up. Will be taking a sleeping tablet tonight, just can't cope with any more sleepless nights.

Can't get out either, tried doing a bit of walking round flat, mistake as knee complained big time. Can get as far as garden and that's it. Had card from friend who has breast cancer, she's had some really bad luck healthwise since retiring, then the cancer. She's a good person, so who knows why she gets such bad luck, she truly doesn't deserve it. But gave her a call and we had a giggle, both swapping our tales of woe, oh her prognosis is very good, they got it in time. Then another colleague called me, she knew she was to be a grandmother, but now she knows she'll be getting a grandson. So felt cheered up, but it didn't last long, soon felt down in the dumps, just can't craft properly, everything takes ages, plus having to prop up leg makes life difficult. But made a shaker card, quite a feat with one arm in plaster, and cut out another to put together tomorrow.

Brother showed me rest of his La Princess photos, so I told him to send them thru to me, they'll make a fantastic scrapbook. Not that bro got the scrapbook bit, perhaps if I show him one that i've done he may 'get it' ! I did give him the page that is to be put in LGC some time, of his grandson... he was chuffed with it and was going to make a frame for it. Oh, haven't mentioned my 'success' got told a few weeks ago that LGC wanted to use my Beach Boy page. Was chuffed, plus they sent me a goody bag chock full of stuff. Just love scrapbooking.... !

Well feeling better now, 3 days and back to hospital for check up, crossing everything that all is okay, just have this nagging feeling that things aren't going to run smoothly.

Have a good weekend, thanks for stopping by.

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