Sunday, 21 September 2008

Another sunny day!

That's two days of sunshine, can' t last - can it? Been another exciting day here, not! Last night settled down to watch the craft slot on QVC, managed the first hour, then sleeping pill kicked in, so missed next hour. Needless to say what I'd wanted to buy had sold out. Good thing I'd had a spend earlier at cardcraftplus, for a few essentials, like glues, but also saw some lovely decoupage and just couldn't resist.

Had pleasant slumber till five, then woke up hungry, so had a very early breakfast. And no-one can say that I'm not getting plenty of exercise, being one handed means making several trips for anything, could do with one of those one handed trays. Have managed to negotiate stairs with rubbish, bit hairy at times!

Did have a go at moving knee, seems it is incommunicado at the moment, just doesn't want to know, toes move, ankle moves, but bit in the middle is having a massive sulk! Bit like 'knee says NO'. Hopefully it will wake up at some point.

At last have been able to upload a new piece of work! Thanks to LGC and Tanya, for all the lovely stuff I got sent, as you can see it the non cut decoupage came in very handy. Kept it simple, just the teddy bear and then stuck on a glittery silver square, papermania, added some of the flowers from the new issue of LMC to finish it off. Have also managed to take pics of some xmas cards I've been making, they will follow soon.

Must go plan my day for tomorrow... walk to post box is on cards...



What a lovely card. Linda x

Cass said...

Thank you Linanna...