Monday, 22 September 2008

I did it!

Yah I did it, managed to make it to post box! Had to wait till everyone had gone out, as none thought it a good idea, mind you neither did I at one point. I was okay crossing first road, then pavement got more uneven and I had a flashback of my fall... so froze. Banished that awful thought and carried on. Took me an age, but was so chuffed when I got there. But it did remind me of what we take for granted, 3 weeks ago I could just stride out, do what I wanted without any thought... now I'm crocked and everything takes an age and involves pain. Will go for another walk on Wednesday, will just potter tomorrow.

Posted pic of cards from TSV (last QVC TSV), I'm just following the instructions at moment, but who cares as the card designs are so beautiful and well thought out. May go back and add some glossy accents and glitter when cast comes off wrist. The brads in the kit are gorgeous, will have to source some suppliers. Hope cardcraftplus don't make me wait too long for my goodies, they're only based in Preston, about 30 mins away, last time i had to wait over a week.

all for now...

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