Wednesday, 24 September 2008

One handed card making

I'm sure there must be folk out there who are making cards one handed all the time, if so, then you deserve a medal! Here is my effort for a swap, had the daft idea of using embossing powder to create the design for the paralympics. First try was a botch, but managed it on second attempt, tho think it was a tad too big. There are some red letters spelling Beijing, but they haven't shown up on card. Used the embossing pen, the neutral, to draw the design, well drew it with pencil, then used the pen. Then quickly added the powder, you do have to work quick with the pen as it dries faster. Matted it onto some bubble silver card, and then found some black patterened paper, just felt it added more interest.

Realised today that i wasn't walking properly, wasn't put foot flat on ground, so have spent day consciously putting foot of bad leg on ground. And ended up with sore leg. Knee protested loudly at my attempts to walk properly. I'm just hoping I do my usual thing, of healing well, never yet (touching wood) had any complications following injuries, well once, and a couple of sessions of acupuncture sorted it out. Just got this nagging feeling... can't shake it. I'd had a few omnious thoughts that I was going to have a fall, had them before and each time, yep, you've guessed, I have fallen over.

Anyway, sore knee put end to my thoughts of getting out for a while, just rested, but did managed to make second birthday card. Now just got to make yet another.... !

Now must go put leg up.

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