Saturday, 20 September 2008

An Indian summer - at last!

Couldn't resist the photo! Well the sun is shining, it has shone all day... can it last? Not that I had much opportunity to get out and enjoy it, but it was still nice to look out onto a sunny day for a change.

Had a challenge, to try and make my swap card, my idea was to sketch something then use an embossing pen with embossing powder. I did need to be ultra organised, was a bit fiddly using heat gun but got there after botching first attempt. That was my fault really, nowt to do with handicaps, was going to put second layer of powder on but didn't time it right, so powder went where it wasn't wanted. New cutter made the matting and layering easy. I'm on my 3rd paper cutter, first one was rather cheap, so guess you gets what you pay for, second one wasn't cheap but wasn't that good, finally got the fiskars cutter... which is what I should have got in first place. Also managed another 2 xmas cards :-)) And took some pics, but camera is on other side of room and I can't be bothered to disturb myself - everything is such a faff.

Did manage to get out for dinner, my sister came over to a spot of vacuuming and took pity on us, so we ended up in a local pub. It was nice to stare at a different set of four walls. Mind you should have seen looks on faces of people when mum and I walked in, er, okay hobbled in... it was like a day out from the ortho ward! Tho the drive in the car was a bit painful, which is what put me off going out today, neighbour asked if I wanted to go spend the day with her and a friends, they just sit at a cafe bar, but just the thought of the taxi ride put me off. So just pottered about here, did get outside for a while, bit of dead heading, and mum's grabber came in useful for weeding.

Hope sun is shining where you are!


Fe-Fe said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a lovely comment.

I love your photo of the cats. That really made me laugh. We have been blessed with lovely weather too. I may be able to get out and cut the grass today, then again I may just stay in a play with my new Cuttlebug. Hmmmmm decisions decisions!! :-)

Cazzy said...

Funny photo but so wrong!