Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Back to normal...

Well the Indian summer is over, back to normal weather wise, windy, cold and raining! We even had hailstones today.

Mini success, managed to strip and change own bed, bit of a balancing act but got there. Just need knee to start talking to me, it is still being stubborn and refusing to budge on its own. Be very glad to get rid of plaster cast - my hair needs doing, dye wise that is! Daren't try it one handed, bad enough doing the blow drying bit. Tho fortunately I have a hot brush that takes a lot of the hard work out of it.

Sat and watched a lot of the QVC craft day, was excited about the TSV, as I knew it would have a scrapbook theme, but once I saw it was disappointed that they only had 8x8 albums. I much prefer the big 12x12 albums. Kept on thinking about buying it, then figured if I needed to think that much about it then I didn't really want it. Did fall in love with the foiled mirri card, gorgeous! Felt certain that would sell out, but it was still there on the final show. Was also umming over the other Xmas card kit, it was really beautiful, but I got the last TSV, the hotp xmas kit, which will give me 80 cards, and got some tipsy adult decoupage from Craftcardplus they're really funny. I doubt if I'll be making any cards to sell this year, won't have enough time. And I was thinking of doing a craft fair!

Also annoyed that cardcraft plus are having a birthday weekend, next week, they've got lots of guests, Stephanie from C&C is one. But I'm stuck here! Just bloody typical. Also got an invite for a weekend away in November, end of november, will have to consult surgeon to see what he says.

Have been making cards, just haven't got round to photoing them yet. Also got a scrapchallenge page to plan, plus a swap card to come up with. And must put finishing touches to bil's birthday card.

So pic is of a pub, on Hollywood Blvd, Pig and Whistle, they serve delicious food, great spot for people watching as well.

Best get off, got e-mails to reply to.

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