Sunday, 14 September 2008

hobbling along

Think I should temporarily rename this 'tales from the casualty ward'. Another sleepless night, even worse than before as woke up at 1 a.m and didn't drop off till 5 a.m. For some reason bad leg ankle has swollen up, has huge bruise on it and it is really sore. Can't wait for them to remove staples, tho what is wrong with good old suturing? Can't today's modern surgeons use a needle? Wound looks like railway track.

But it was a good thing I woke from my slumber, as there on my wall was a HUGE spider... now normally I'd grab the spider catcher and be kind, but not this time, got crutch and splat.... there was no way me and it were going to share the same room all night.

Couldn't be bothered with any crafting, just lazed all day, partly cos I was so darn tired, and partly cos leg was so sore.

Pic is a papernation decoupage - the workman, a card I made for my brother. Quite chuffed with it as I made the background paper, my first effort (last year) using peel offs and a stamp pad. Also made the ladder. Love papernation, or jolly nation as they now call themselves. Great way for anyone wanting to try decoupage as it is so easy to cut out.

Hopefully these grey clouds will disappear sometime soon... can' t we at least have a good end to September?

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