Wednesday, 3 September 2008

well the cloud was a thunderstorm!

Well on Saturday I had my prat fall, and sat here gingerly typing about it, then I hauled myself off to bed with a painkiller, at midnight the pain was too intense, got up, hobbled to kitchen, made cuppa, and then felt decidedly odd, as in room was spinning.... hobbled to settee and flopped down, woke up and wondered where the hell I was... mmm, time to get to hospital! Even I recognised that I was going into shock... mum came, rang ambulance and off I was carted, convinced that I'd be home in the morning with a few pills and a bandage or two. They checked me into cas, got carted off straight to x-ray, in wheelchair, sore knee in bent position (worth remembering that bit), they x-rayed wrist first, then got me on table and did knee... now I've never heard a radiographer swear before, but mine did... as in: bloody hell! I thougth: now that doesn't sound good.... and it wasn't. Was taken back to cas ward, put on trolley, watched a bored doc look at my x-ray, immediately he woke up and shot over to me... I'd broken my kneecap, he didn't tell me how bad it was at that point, frankly I couldn't have cared, they doped me up, stuck knee in a splint and I went to obs for a couple of hours, and then up to ward mum was on... and yes, staff recongised me, so got first class treatment. Next morning, still dopey on morphine look up to see mum's surgeon, both of us shocked to see the other... he did tell me the truth, kneecap was smashed, wrist was also possibly broken, they'd patch me up in theatre. And they did, not that I remember a lot, one minute I was awake, next minute... off to the land of nod... an hour and a half later I was in recovery... and feeling lovely and woozy. Kept on telling them to leave me alone so I could sleep. Was stuck in bed till Monday, then they hauled me out, boy what a relief, luckily physio's came, armed with crutches, I wanted out of there - pronto! Just can't stand being in hospital. Staff had a laugh when mum came to see me that afternoon, greeting her like a long lost friend...

But can't fault the service I got from start to finish, they were all brilliant, I was well looked after. But it was still nice to get out of there.

Have managed to make a card today, felt very chuffed with myself. Well it ain't easy, right knee has to be kept straight, so has to be propped up, left wrist in in cast... rest of me just aches. Hope to do a bit more tomorrow.

Now off to bed, who knows, maybe I'll be able to sleep!

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Cazzy said...

I can't think how you are managing to make cards or blog with a wrist in plaster!

Rest and get better, couldn't have done a lot more to yourself!

Hope you mend quickly, at least you get time off work!

Cazzy xx