Tuesday, 23 September 2008

wounded knee

This is my poor knee, with NOT so attractive splint, plus fetching dressing. I'm thinking of asking surgeon for print of x-rays so I can make a scrap book page! He'll probably think I'm bonkers.

Well another sunny day, at this rate I could start to get used to sunny weather. Makes all the difference, even if I can only enjoy it from the inside. Had just a mini walk today, don't want to go overdoing things, didn' t also fancy going up the slight incline again, or rather going down it! Luckily there is a fence next to it, so I half guided myself down. But still felt a bit hairy.

Fancied some crafting, but also wanted to watch QVC, can't watch TV from kitchen, and can't use small craft table in current state. So watched the bibster. It's craft day next week! May indulge in a splurge, or a mini one. Like it to be something to do with scrapbooking.

Still no sign of my parcel from cardcraft plus :-( I know the set up of the place so can't see why it always takes so long to get stuff off to people. Got no probs with quality of stuff, or choice, but be nice if they were a bit speedier getting out the orders.

Now got to make a choice, stay in tomorrow, or go out for lunch....


Cazzy said...

Hi Cass, it looks better than plaster cast I think, I had plenty of that as a child!

If you think taking a photo is weird I have photos of both legs with cellulitis which isn't pretty!

Hope it is healing well.

Cass said...

It is better than a cast, I can at least let my leg have a breather, but can't do without it walking wise. At least now I no longer feel 'strange' by taking a photo!

Not sure if it is healing or not... still very hot to touch. mmmmm...