Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Had the pleasure today to spend the morning in the fracture clinic. First was a nervous wait to see if ambulance would turn up, it didn't, so got taxi (ambulance finally rolled up at house at 11 a.m., one hour after my appointment!) It all started well, was sent off to x-ray, and then it went down hill. Radiographer commented on broken knee, as in; you did a job on this! Mmmm, that's what they keep telling me, tho it is alarming to see the staff looking alarmed at my x-rays. Then the wait, from 10.30 till noon... I was almost at the point of giving up when finally I got called in. At last got to see what I'd done to knee, and yes, I did do a 'job' on it, surgeon informed me it was the worst he'd seen, and that it has smashed into 20 pieces! Probably explains why I was in surgery for nearly 2 hours. But at last got the staples removed, and can now take a shower... can't wait! But am not allowed to remove splint to sleep.... blast. Met up with other casualties, and of course we all exchanged our tales of woe... felt sorry for one poor girl, she'd been at Chester races and had fallen over a wheelchair, she'd broken her jaw and wrist. Did pass on some useful tips re plaster on wrist, as in get yourself an extra large pair of rubber gloves, the long ones, they come in useful for chopping stuff and for washing. One lady was a bit miffed that I had a coloured plaster, colours are limited to red, blue or pink, I mean why not green, yellow, glitter? God knows what they'll find down my plaster, a few bits of 3d foam, glitter, embossing powder...

Was too sore and tired to do much more than flop in front of TV when I got home, so watched the Bibster, but wasn't tempted by anything. Want more scrapbooking shows! Oh then fell asleep, mum and I like a pair of bookends...

Just hope the weather improves... some blue sky would be nice.

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