Sunday, 7 September 2008

La Princess

Let me introduce La Princess, a very, very, very large spider that has invaded Liverpool... she has kept scousers entertained all weekend. It has been an amazing piece of street theatre, town has been packed... and i WANTED TO GO!!!!!! And couldn't :-( I may have chanced it with just the broken wrist, but don't think it would have been the best thing to be in town with thousands, on crutches with a busted knee and wrist. Am REALLY annoyed, first I miss all the lambanas... now La Machine. Just hope that there is a huge dollop of good luck at end of all this.

Our neighbour, who has been looking after us, has been rewarded, she went to the bingo and won, then bought a scratchcard and won on that. We also got her a huge bouquet of flowers. she is one in a million.

In meantime mum and I are coping, just. Did washing today, which then had to be draped around flat... so mum put it on her trolley, I followed and between the two of us we spread it out. Managed to make a meal on Friday, donned rubber glove on bad hand to help with chopping, only onion defeated me! Can use busted wrist, but just have to be careful. Even managed to do some crafting, and some decoupage, but it was very slow going.

Hope no-one has been flooded out. Take care all.

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