Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Love it - NOT!   My car had a few problems last week,  at some point the mechanics had to disconnect the battery...   which caused the radio to lock!     Now most tecchie things have a default of 0000,   NOT with Nissan, oh no, my radio had a code, did I know what it was?  Nope, car was second hand!  So after 3 attempts I got locked out of radio,  looked at manual (yes probably should have done that first) now I had to wait one hour,  with the radio ON!   What?   How are you supposed to do that without running the battery down?  How bloody dumb.   I know what you are thinking, why not just disconnect the battery, ah but there is a danger then that the electronic key may not work!  Shazzbats, as my friend likes to say.   So went for a ponder by sea,  leaving radio on for about 25 minutes, then went for a 30 minute drive round... finally I could enter the right code.    Hadn't realised how much I had missed my singalongs to Smooth radio,  all the golden oldies.  And very good for when you are trying to learn how to talk with a denture.... how do folk cope with braces?   The denture I've got has 3 teeth on it, no four, one on the other side,  and it is most peculiar.  I think partly cos it has replaced teeth I lost a while ago,  like my wisdom teeth, so my poor mouth is trying to get used to having a full set of teeth. 

So after my tootle round the district, well I made it to Southport, it was  home to a well earned cuppa.  A bit of a wasted day really, I was supposed to be setting up an online shop for a friend, but she had a few treatments do to,  so we had to cancel.  So absolutely no crafting!   In fact all I achieved was the supermarket shop and some housework, oh and the obligatory laundry!  Having to second guess mum for what she will need for this weekend,  this business of having to think for two while trying not to tread on her toes is very tiring.   

I have put a pic of the 3rd tag I made on Sunday.   This did get a bit crazy!   Cogs, flowers,  toppers,  ric rac ribbon....  all nuts.   But I liked the end result.    I also love the sentiment.   I am thinking of having a go at the AB stuff,  can't face the thought of defacing a proper book,  must be the book lover in me!   But I have got a handmade book,  and I've never been sure what to do with it,  it has handmade paper in it as well, it is such a lovely book that it needs a purpose. 

I have to say that I do visit all the blogs on my blog list,  I may not always leave a comment, but I love reading about what you've been up to and am awestruck by the fantastic pieces of work that you all produce. 

Have a lovely evening

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Julia S-W said...

And another gorgeous piece of work Cassidy! How did you make that background? Is it paper or did you stamp it? Somehow, your myriad of elements all work together here - how clever! You've inspired me to send for some 'England' stamps too - your fault I've spent more!

Don't cars just make you mad?!! Ours kept not starting when Kevin was away and everyone was laughing about 'women who don't drive cars much'etc. and blaming me. However, it would appear that the cd player was faulty and very likely draining the battery somehow - not sure how when it's switched off but at least I'm off the hook!

You are a saint doing all this for your Mum. It must be very trying at times but what a pity more people don't look after elderly parents for a bit longer before sending them off to a home.

Pity you don't live nearer - we could all come round and give you a hand so you could have some 'me' time.

Do think about putting your work on one of these blogs - more people should be seeing your work and commenting on it!!

Try to have a good evening,