Sunday, 29 April 2012

Oh the embossibilities!

I'm having a delicious time with my new gizmo. With the weather only fit for the bravest of ducks there was only one thing to do - craft! 

I found some of the white tags I'd cut,  so decided to emboss one of them.  I used the Sizzix folder that came with the machine,  has dots one end and swirls the other.  The other folder is a small flower in a frame, it looked so cute,  I used some of the teal card, and then couldn't resist seeing what it would look like in gold - wow!   I debossed the gold one,  it just needed a trim round the edges. The gold flower has been safely stored for future use.   So now I had the base, one decoration, what next?

I decided to experiment with a stamp,  and see what it would look like on the embossing.  I quite liked the effect.   The stamp is a TH stamp,  used a TH distress pad, and also coloured the swirly part of the tag.  Now what?  It seemed to need a bit more stuff.  I experimented with a few things,  flowers, die cuts of birds... nothing was floating my boat.   So I had a cup of tea and watched a bit of CnC, I noticed that they had Indigo Blu on whose stamps I love. So I took a look at what was on offer and only one set of stamps?  They were having a laugh? 
I had a rummage around my stash, found the pretty purple ric rac ribbon,  and some nice buttons,  plus the pearl stones,  another QVC buy.   Still lacking something!   More rummaging,   amazing what you find isn't it?  Stuff that you wanted a few weeks ago usually turns up,  I found more of my lovely silver butterflies, and some wedding stuff,  which I was looking for the other day!  Typical.  Now should I use the butterfly?   Decisions, decisions..

Nope, went with two flowers placed on top of the flower in a frame,  stuck down the ric rac on one side, found a nice round sentiment,  freebie from some magazine.  put the eyelet around the hole, bit of ribbon and a tag was born! 

I also put some more card on the reverse side, not decorated,  it just needed a bit more weight as the white card was a bit flimsy.  I also embossed that, of course - very little will escape the attention of my embossing machine! 

Yup, happy with that.  Also had a sort out of working stash,  that is the stuff that I am working with,  there is a lot of stuff that can be stored in my stash archive as I'm not using it.   Also cleared out silly bits of card, that you intend to use at some point but never do.   Living in a flat means space is at a premium,  so I do have to be careful about what I keep in the way of stash leftovers.    I also pass on stuff to a friend who runs art workshops.   

Yep a good day.   It has now finally stopped raining,  I know we haven't been as badly hit as some parts of the country.   No more crafting now till Wednesday,  back to doing web stuff tomorrow, plus that thing called housework, and my course work, Tuesday I'm out to lunch,  meeting a friend in Chester,  so hoping for a half decent day.  

Hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend and that it hasn't been too soggy.  Thanks for stopping by.

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