Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Almost back to normal

I'm finally recovered from the weekend - but still not sure how two people managed to come back with so much washing!?   Thought I'd post a few more pics from the wedding, my goddaughter will most likely kill me for doing so.  Just wish I had got a photo of the dress in all its glory - this is the back view,  she wore a bolero jacket during the ceremony,  which set off the dress perfectly. 

It seems to have been a long week.   I've volunteered to take charge of a friend's website, well she is not a techhead, and nor is she interested in becoming one, but her business does need a website, and one that is up to date.  I'm also sorting out her online shop, so not much crafting going on here at all.  I hope to get some done tomorrow.  Once I've sorted out the shop things will quieten down, it is just all the faffing of putting on products and descriptions.  I'm almost there with it. 

Here are the candles for the wedding whot I made.  The idea had been that they'd go on the tables,  but there wasn't much room for them, so we arranged them round the windows.  I'd got some rose petals from Hobbycraft,  my sister got some as well, but I got the silk ones and she got the paper ones, so I had to mix them all up.  The intention was that people could take the candles with them as they had the date and names of the happy couple.    Quite a few had been taken,  felt relieved that they had as my niece had bought all the candles.

The lady who made the cake had paid me a wonderful compliment, she had tried to follow my design on the invitations for the cake, but the rose picture I'd used was just too contemporary.  She did a fantastic job,  not that she would believe any of us.   The cake was beautiful, and she is, in her words: An Amatuer.   I told her she should take it up professionally. 

The photographer made up this arrangement round the cake,  no idea what his picture looks like, guess I'll find out soon. 

I did feel frustrated taking photos, with not being able to kneel down, or even bend down properly.   I decided to get rid of my good camera for that reason,  just sticking with the Lumix, which is fab,  but the other would have been just the job for the wedding.  But I just wasn't able to move round quick enough to get the pics I wanted to.    I just waited for the official photographer to pose the couple, then sneaked in behind him! 

I think I'd like to start this week again,  it seems to have flown by and I've not got much to show for it.   I popped up to the craft shop to get more Umount,  found they'd had a delivery of lots of lovely new stuff,  but it is also the craft fair this weekend at Aintree.    I will have to go,  no I do need to stock up on the basics, card stock, glues,  that is what I use the fair for - get the basics.  And take a look at the new stuff.   Not got much of a budget anyway.

Here's hoping I get some crafting done tomorrow!   Need to make use of the rest of my new stamps. 

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CraftygasheadZo said...

Those candles are gorgeous, so are the wedding pics too. Zo xx