Thursday, 19 April 2012

Here we go again

I really wasn't happy with the last tag, so took on board Julia's suggestion,  basically dump the bird on a branch.   There was too much going on,  and it didn't flow as it should have. 

So here is the prep for tag 4,  using the mask,  and a make up sponge to apply the ink, a lot of gentle dabbing!   I used the other side of the mask this time,   there is more foliage.  Used a TH (Tim Holtz) distress pad,  a very light green, and just built up the colour slowly.   What isn't in view is my 'blot' card,  I dabbed the sponge on the ink pad then blotted it before dabbing onto the mask,  far easier to control things that way, and it allows for an even spread of colour.
I cut the birds out, using the Slice,  the birds went from 1 inch to 2 inches,  just the right size I felt for the tag.   Of course some embossing folders and a cuttlebug would be nice,  that is still on my wish list,  wouldn't both I don't think with too many dies for it, just the embossing side of things.

Then I used some cream card to stamp the sentiment, which is from the Wild Frame Set of stamps from Clarity.   It is an intriguing verse,  and the original poem is beautiful.   No idea who finds these sentiments for Barbara Gray,  but they deserve a reward for finding some truly beautiful poetry.

And here it is, a revamped tag 4!  Much better, less cluttered, the mask can be seen,  it would have worked well also if I'd embossed it onto the card.   Also put the birds in a different order,  biggest at front,  supposed to give perspective!  Yep, much happier with this effort.  Did also make another tag, but more of that another time.

Got all the prep done for the big trip tomorrow, made my list. Worked out route,  well the last bit which is finding the hotel in Cardiff.  My niece has said if it all goes pearshaped I should park up in Morrisons and she'll come rescue me! 

The car is full of petrol,  was wondering if people would start panic buying again,  got fed up of the media tryng to do their utmost to scaremonger.  There is no strike,  the talks are back on,  so can the media behave responsibly?    My camera is charged,  memory card has been cleared.  Phone is charged and topped up,  Ipod has soothing music on it and my meditation stuff.  I've sorted out which clothes to take,  aside from the wedding outfit,  going for the smart casual look.    Will need something smartish for tomorrow evening as we are all having a meal at the hotel.  A curry house would suit me.    Checked candles, they are good to go.   Sister rang asking about rose petals...  so we'll be scattering rose petals over the tables, round the candles,  luckily there is a Hobbycraft in Cardiff, so she was able to get some there,  we've gone for red and cream. 

I finally managed to get some dye on my hair, went for a subtle hot pink...  NOT.  The box said medium champagne blonde,  whatever that is,  anyway it has taken away the grey bits.   I would love to have nice grey hair, but I haven't been fortunate,  in fact I look bloody awful with the grey stuff.   Hairdresser advised me to stick to the medium blondes.    I even managed to eat both lunch and dinner with the new denture in place!   We had gammon with the proverbial pineapple,  last time I did poached eggs with it,  which was far nicer.   Mum tried on her dress,  still don't like it, or the colour,   it is a very dark green,  not all over,  but the colour isn't doing a lot for her.  But I said it was lovely,  and once we'd dressed it up with some pearls and a nice cardi it didn't look too bad.

I am a bit miffed, cos in 2008 I missed the spider,  the one that came to Liverpool for a few days, that was the weekend I chose to break my knee.  This weekend the same puppet company are bringing the Giant to our streets, a huge doll which will walk round Liverpool looking for her Uncle,  she has a letter to give to her father who is on the Titanic.  It is going to be fantastic,  and where am I going to be - Cardiff!   :-(((      A fantastic scrapping opportunity will be missed!   Though I will have my niece's wedding to scrap, whether she likes it or not. 

Have a lovely weekend all....  catch up with you on Sunday.


Julia S-W said...

Oh wow! That looks amazing Cassidy; I really like the changes you've made. It's fresh and clean, has depth of detail with the stencilling and the birds. I like your sentiment very much - I really need some decent ones and might have to look at that one. Do you know what it's called? I think you said something about it through UKPC.

I do hope your weekend goes well. If you need to switch off whilst you're there, think craft and plan your next creation - I'm always doing this (I expect you do this anyway but it's worth saying).

Thinking of you,

BJ said...

Definitely less is MORE - well done Cassidy and have a great day tomorrow - looking forward to seeing the photos. BJ