Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday

Finally I managed to make a fantasy image with the wax!    Went back to the DVD,  always a good idea to look at tutorials.   And the result was this, first attempt as well.   I am getting better at applying the wax,  you are tempted to 'iron',  which just doesn't work, so you have to find a happy medium between touching the card but not too heavily.    And I managed to do the castles with the stylus,   probably just as well that it is a fantasy picture - LOL.  

It has been an arty week.  I went to a psychic art workshop on Sunday,  at the lovely Well Barn. All newbies except for me.   I never have any idea of what I'll paint, which is actually the point of the exercise.   We did our meditation and then it was time to paint.  For some reason I felt the urge to paint a mandela, well that was the idea, didn't quite work out as I wanted it to,  I decided to say it was my warm up exercise.  I'd had this image in my mind,  in the meditation I saw a tepee,  surrounded by trees.  I know it isn't a Picasso,  although...   but the point of the workshop is to really paint what comes from within,  not to come with an idea, or know exactly what you'll paint.  I've known people try to do that and it never works, they always go on to paint something that suprises them.   Everyone produced something different.  I had also taken my encaustic kit with me,  everyone wanted to have a go,  only Yvonne got frustrated,  I told her it was because she was putting too many colours on and pressing too hard.   But it was a good day. 

On Tuesday at was at the centre, filling in for another therapist.  It was a horrible day weather wise, cold and chucking it down,  so I guess it wasn't that suprising that no-one turned up, mind you only one was expecting reiki the others were supposed to get aromatherapy,  reflexology, none of which I am qualified to do.   I made the most of my time and read a book,  meditated, and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.  When I got home mum was still waiting for her hairdresser to turn up, so she wasn't in the best mood,  well he was an hour late!   Turned out he wasn't able to use his car so he was using buses,  even so he could have let mum know.    I did get my precious afternoon to myself,  and would you believe I spent the first hour or so blitzing the kitchen and living room.    I spread the housework over two days,  so flat is now sparkling!

And so today,  Good Friday,   very quiet round here.   Popped up to shopping centre,  had a mooch round in Smiths, but didn't fancy any of the craft mags,  then looked round M&S, got a new top,   and that was that.  The precinct wasn't very busy,  surprised by that as it usually is heaving.   Managed to get home in time to see the first part of the Preston Passion play,  which was fascinating.  

Well all for now...  Happy Easter  all.

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