Thursday, 26 April 2012

At last some crafting!

It is over a week since I did any crafting,  no wonder I was grumpy.  Though we also had an early start,  mum had to go to the dentist to see if anything needed to be done on her broken tooth.  A waste of time really,  she hasn't had any pain,  there is no infection so we were there all of ten minutes!  
I had to get the shopping out of the way before I could devote any time to crafting.   I also debated whether to pop along to the first day of the craft fair at Aintree,  but decided against it.  Thought I might pick up a few bargains on Saturday, the last day.   Then I mulled over whether to get a cuttlebug,  they were promoting it on CnC,  with the usual flexi pay,  which does help.  My local craft shop is not cheeky with their prices, in fact they are cheaper than CnC on most things.

I want the cuttlebug for the embossing option,  feels like I am missing out when it comes to the tags and cards these days as everyone is going embossing mad.   I didn't care for any of the folders they were selling on CnC,  I think the all over designs are better value for money.

I've had lovely comments about the candles.  They are easy to do,  I used some clear A4 acetate adhesive sheets,  I printed the design on to the acetate and then stuck them to the candles.  They could be removed before burning, or left in situ.   I did experiment with some waterslide decals,  which also worked but which were very fiddly,  plus you had to apply some varnish to them.  I did the printing in Desk Top Publishing, it was easier to use that than Word for resizing.  I got two big patterns per sheet, and 6 of the small patterns, so it was also economical.  You can print anything onto the acetate, so it would also be perfect for Christenings, First Communion.

So what did I craft today?   A tag - what else?   I stamped the background using a freebie stamp from a magazine,  can't remember which but it was last year.  Then used some cut and dry to edge the tag,  decided to switch to cut and dry rather than use the blenders, which frankly are a pain to use.  I got a much more even result with the cut and dry.    I also made use of a doilly,  had a pack lurking in my stash for ages, never really known what to do with them. So coloured it and chopped it in half.   Made a smaller tag using the Slice machine,  and put the sentiment on it,  then added a few flowers, some ribbon, border and 2 butterflies.  The time flew by,  and suddenly I had to get the casserole in the oven!  So that was the end of the crafting.  I'd cut 3 tags, so got two more to make.   I'll see what goodies I can find at the craft fair, I had a look at my bank account and it is healthy, so I am able to have a treat.   The tags will be donated to a charity that a friend supports, someone is already making cards,  so I like to do the unusual stuff.

And finally... another wedding pic, bride and bridesmaids.  What was so nice is that none of them felt it necessary to have a fake spray tan!   They were all so pretty,  with flawless skin,  no need to be tangoed!   Burnt mahogany in a white/cream wedding dress is not a good look!   I think I really should have taken a photo of my niece the following day, in her usual state of no make up, hair down and in casual dress.  To be fair she has to dress smartly for work.   This photo was taken at the back of the hotel on the small terrace, it overlooked Cardiff Bay,  and as you can see the sun made a welcome appearance.   Wish it would return,  today has been wet and miserable,  just like yesterday.   Can't believe that it will be May next week!   Time to start thinking about the garden and putting in some new plants.   Everything is springing back to life,  the clematis is looking wonderful, really coming on nicely, and the roses are going bonkers as usual. 

Friday is my day for being a therapist,  it will be nice to get back to my clients.

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