Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday moaning...

Grrrrrrrr...   bear with a sore head is how I felt this morning.  I seemed to be glued to my bed,   the sun was shining but I still didn't want to get up!   I did because I had to, but I wasn't in a good mood.    I think the caring stuff is catching up with me.  It isn't just about caring for someone, you have to think for them as well, but at the same time you are negotiating a minefield,  they still like to think that they are independent,  and able to do things...   So you have to accept blame when you are not at fault,   absorb their tirades and tantrums,  then swallow hard when they behave so sweetly with others. 
Once I was washed and dressed I headed out for a walk,  I was sure that it would be better for me to get out of the flat than do the ruddy housework.  Sure enough being outside proved to be the right thing,  with a blue sky and the sun shining everyone was in a good mood, so smiles and pleasantries were exchanged,  and so slowly I felt my mood lifting.    I wanted to return home and do some crafting but that wasn't possible it was back to building a website!   But that is now done... phew.   Tomorrow I have a lunch date in Chester with a friend,  need to get through the rubbish of the morning, shopping, changing dressings... 

Posted a pic of a tag I made on Sunday, this was using the chipboard tag,  quite a substantial beasty.  Yep, more embossing!   I'm going embossing mad.   Found the flowers after a rummage in the stash,  butterflies are Anita's,   I've since decorated the reverse side.  Well it seemed like a good idea at the time!    Think it may need taming.  I like the buckles, and like the dragon flies,   yes, bit of a rethink needed.

A case of the wrong colours.  No idea why I thought it was okay on Sunday...    hey ho.  I'll put it down to getting the juices going,  cos after this I did do some good crafting.  

Was supposed to be trying some quilling,  I love the effect and what can be made from quilling, I just lack the patience. Same with parchment work,  just not my thing.   I am not sure I have the desire to do other stuff at the moment,   just want to do what takes my fancy.   Everything else is a huge effort.

Hope to be crafting on Wednesday. 

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