Monday, 16 April 2012

Shopping Hell

I had to do proper shopping today,   I know most women love nothing more than to go shopping for clothes, but I am NOT one of them.  I can never find what I want or like.  But needed clothes for wedding,  and since I can't afford to go get something special, as in it will never see the light of day again,  I had to find something suitable for wedding and rest of my life!   Dress?  I don't do dresses or skirts,   nothing too floaty,  trousers must have pockets, and it all must be comfortable.   Went to M&S, tried on some stuff, liked the trousers and the cardi,  liked the top, sort of... so got trousers and cardi, then had a look round the other stores.  Feet were aching, knees were aching,  saw a lovely top in Debenhams...  price £160!  Furrrgettit.   So ended up back at M&S and bought the top I'd seen first.  Then went home, on bus,  bus fare for homeward journey was 10p more than inward journey!?    So got sore feet, sore knees, but  outfit is sorted.  Did think about new pair of shoes, saw a nice pair in Clarks,  but I was too fed up by then.

So posting pics of yesterdays Tag fest.  This was Tag number 2 with a patriotic flavour.   I cut up one of the Union Jack papers,  and a plainish blue paper,  did the stamping.  Used the Portobello Road stamps, Big Ben,  and the double decker bus, and the postage stamp with the clock face.  Wanted to stick with the red, white and blue theme.

I used one of the Indigo Blu stamps to add some background interest,  used the TH distress ink pads.   Went wrong with the first attempt, got my alternate colours mixed up!   Was a tad distracted by film.   My excuse and I'm sticking to it.  Fiddly bits came next, stamping stuff and then cutting out,  colouring as well.  Then much head scratching of what else to put on tag,   I like to think I craft organically,  that means I only have a vague idea of what I want to do,  and no idea of how to do it!   A search of stash revealed a few interested bits and bobs...  some trial and a lot of error and, finally,   drum roll please...

The TAG!   I dotted the flags around at various angles,  same with the postage stamps,  then added the bus and Big Ben, plus the sentiment.   Yep, happy with that!  No ribbon?   Well spotted,  not got any red, white or blue ribbon, so must get some.   Still deliberating whether to add some crackle paint,  just not sure.  

Too tired for any crafting today, plus by the time I got back home,  and had recovered from the shopping it was a bit late to start getting out the craft stuff.  I would have done some had I been on my own, but mum is here and so my time is not my own.   That's how it is,   I have to find a balance of finding time for me,  and for mum.  It can be tricky at times,  her view of me going off to my bedroom is me being antisocial!   My bedroom is my private space,  so it has to be more than just somewhere to sleep.   I try my best to spend the mornings, or most of them with mum, depends on whether there is shopping to be done, or housework...  but I do try to get all the chores done in the morning, so the afternoons are mine.    Mum has had the opportunity and encouragement to join varoius groups,  but she won't, so I've made it clear that I am not here solely to amuse her.

Tomorrow I'm off to do IT stuff for a friend.  So no crafting till Wednesday :-(


Julia S-W said...

I hate clothes shopping too so I'm with you all the way! Thankfully, you got sorted and that torture is over for a while now.

To the tag: this is really, really fab! You should enter it somewhere, really you should. There's so much work here and the final piece works so well. I've looked at these type of stamps and wondered what on earth I would do with them - now I know!

I'm glad that you have a 'sanctuary' to go to, somewhere that it is yours. You are wonderful looking after your Mum. I know it's something we should do but it can't be easy at all.

Have fun day doing the IT stuff!

Take care,

BJ said...

I love it too and it will stand you in good stead for our June ATC SWAP methinks :))) BJ