Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easy like Saturday morning...

Ugh, why do mornings come round so fast?   Also had a nasty attack of vertigo,  very unpleasant,  like being stuck on a carousel.    Fortunately it managed to pass,  had this awful feeling that I may be lying flat on my back all day. 

Popped out to see a friend,  had a nice catch up with her, fussed over Poppy, or was it Poppy fussing over me?   I had intended to visit the craft shop, but time was against me had to head home,  mum would need some help with her socks and shoes. 

Once mum had gone out to meet up with friends for coffee, I got out my craft stuff to do some proper crafting.   I needed to make a new page for my AJ book as I've completed another part of my journey!   I chose some nice textured card (papermania),  and decided to use the Wild Frame stamp by Clarity, love that stamp,  and stamped it onto some lightly textured card using the espresso ink pad.  I felt it needed a border of some description and spotted the leaf stamp that had come with the owl by Indigo Blu stamps, so used that,  seemed to work, added the sentiment, a TH disc,  and then some leaves.   Next up I made a card, but can't post the pic as the person it is intended for will see it!   The card was a bit more involved, much tearing, inking of edges etc. 

I also took a pic of my workspace, such as it is.  Basically it is a small table,  very sturdy, it takes my A3 mat nicely,  but it isn't long before it is soon crowded with stuff!   As you can see here,  rest of stash is spread on the bed.  It isn't an ideal arrangment, but it is better than lugging stuff into a different room.   And the light is good in my bedroom,  everything does have to be tidied away.  That isn't a bad thing tho,  I know if  I had a craft room that it would look like a bomb had hit it.  At least this way things are kept tidy, and stored properly. 

So that was my crafty afternoon.  I've printed off some photos, so may do some scrapbooking tomorrow,  inbetween munching on my choccy egg!     If anything gets made I'll post tomorrow!

Enjoy your evening.

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Julia S-W said...

I'm liking the look of what's on your table!! Lovely spring colours and other stuff. Sorry to hear you weren't good first thing but clearly your day picked up! I was asked if I wanted an egg and said I'd rather have an ink pad - not sure I should have said that! Have a good rest of the weekend.