Sunday, 22 April 2012

4 showers and a wedding!

Well the photo is a big clue as to where I've been this weekend.  It was my god-daughter/niece's wedding, at last the big day had arrived!   I have to thank the photographer for deciding to use my candles along with the bouquets and cake to make a very fetching display! 

Well the adventure began on Friday,  mum inquired about what time I wished to leave for Cardiff, I said between 11 and 12...  so we left AFTER 12!   I knew it would take 4 hours, but that was with no hold ups,  and the one thing you cannot take for granted is that the M6 will have no problems.   We were lucky on the M6,  the traffic at least was moving but it was heavy. I chose to take the toll road, which is quicker, but does put a few more miles on the journey.   But it just felt like the journey was going on forever,  we had sunshine and showers all the way down,  the spray was horrendous.  I'd like to thank all the stupid idiots who NEVER remember to put their lights on!  We had a couple of stops as well,  the second one I really did need as my knee, back and neck were aching like mad.   And as we reached Cardiff we managed to hit the so called and truly misnamed - Rush Hour!  We crawled along at 20 mph for ages,  finally we got into Cardiff, I swear someone kept moving it further back!   But by then my brain was mush, plus mum was map reading,  she was already convinced we were lost/on wrong road...   I came off motorway one exit too soon,  saw the stadium and so parked up there and rang my niece, she sent her dad to rescue me.  We weren't that far away thank goodness, I was relieved to see the hotel, and even more relieved that there was no booking in to be done, as it was all part of the wedding package.    So I left mum with my sister, and I went with my niece for a WELL earned glass of red in her room, were I had a sneak preview of THE dress,  it was just beautiful, classic lines,  none of my photos have done it justice.  I welled up then,   as my niece is tall and slim,  so I knew she was going to look fantastic.   In fact judge for yourselves.

I caught the look on the face of her husband to be as she walked in the room,  his jaw dropped. 

Before all that we had a family dinner,  I felt sorry for the hotel staff putting up with our assorted lot!    The meal was lovely, very relaxed, possibly due to the copious amounts of wine that was flowing very freely!   The staff were so attentive,  in fact I can't praise them highly enough.   I will be writing a letter of thanks to them because they catered to our every whim, and a stressed bride, plus stressed bride's mum and dad!    I couldn't believe that the next day most of the staff that had served us late into the night were back on duty so early for breakfast duty.  Mum and I chose to have breakfast in our room, easier for mum,  the service was first class, when I asked if I could have more milk and tea bags they were brought to me straightaway.   The actual wedding day was long,  it wasn't taking place till 2.30,  but there was much to do before that, decorating tables etc.  Again the staff did all that was asked of them,  and then some,  I am glad to say that all us guests reciprocated by treating the staff with respect. 

My god-daughter is very special to me,   I've helped take care of her since she was born.  So it was lump in the throat time, a big lump actually!   Even her two brothers were brought to tears when they saw their sister,  who has looked after them both and guided them.

I've now got lots of photos to scrap, and more to come.   This is one project that will be a true labour of love.   A tiring and exhausting weekend, but worth every minute.

The footnote - the drive back was a breeze!    I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine.

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Julia S-W said...

Wow Cassidy - your Niece looked beautiful! Need to see a full length shot though to see that dress in all its glory! Your candles look fab too - clever you!!
I have done the trip to Wales many times and it can be a real nightmare particularly through the Newport area so you have my sympathies for the journey! How brave of you to give Mum the map. . . .(not meaning to be rude but you know what I mean!!).
I'm glad your trip was worth it and that everything went so well and the hotel looked after you too. One of those things going wrong can upset everything can't it?
Try to find some time for yourself this week - you need to recuperate at some point!