Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow - what snow?

It fell, it landed and then it melted away...   Yesterday wew had a blizzard,  it was freezing cold and the roads were almost empty.  24 hours later and the snow has gone, the grey clouds have blown away and we have sunshine.  Crazy!

In the snowy conditions yesterday I made my way to the craft shop to get the new heat gun. Needless to say there were very few people in the garden centre.   I got the Woodware heat gun,  it was reduced and has two speeds.

Back home I was able to finish off the project I had started on Sunday and the new gun made all the difference.  I was using a very thick powder on the wings and the slower speed helped get the powder melting.   I wanted a textured effect on the wings,  I also gave them a coat of paint,  then added some rub and buff along the edges,  the heart was cut out, coloured, stamped and then embossed with UTEE.  The background was inked, stamped and dry embossed,  same with the strip under the wings, that also got a touch of the r&b.  I spotted the project in The Stamper,  it seemed right up my street. Oh the wings were cut out of grunge paper,  I love the way the heat gun helps to curl them.  All the lettering was courtesy of the Slice machine,  the red letters are glossy card, and it took four cuts to get through it,  think the Slice may need some new blades! 

I've now started on the Make My Monday challenge, which is a sketch,  already sorted out the background and some of the decoration.   That meant I had to go for my health check up with dylusioned fingers!   My BP is fine,  had blood taken for cholesterol and diabetes, both of which the hospital checked for a couple of months ago,  was also weighed... and I have lost a few pounds.  Once I get back to my walking I should get back to my normal weight.  Even the nurse agreed that I just needed to be more active,  she knows all about my knee problems.   Now I need to broach mum about her going to a day centre,  the nurse said I needed to ease my stress, easier said than done.  But she's right,   I'm sure it would also help mum,  just a case of convincing her.

Well should have more photos tomorrow,   would also like enter Sunday Stampers but we'll see how I go for time. 

Hope you are all safe and warm were you live .  Thanks for stopping by


Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, we have no snow lying here too - it came and it went, much to my disgust ... I was so looking forward to a white-out!

Love your piece - great embossing and sentiment. Chuckled at your reference to r&b - knew you meant the rub n' buff stuff but it did take me back to my salad days and rhythm and blues :)

Hope your mum takes to the idea of going to a day centre to give you a break. DH's family have just persuaded his 85 year old sister to go to one and, despite her misgivings, she is enjoying herself immensely. A happy outcome all round.

Take care and keep warm. Elizabeth xx

BJ said...

Super piece Cassidy. Missing you on the group. Have you given up on us? BJ

Julia S-W said...

Just love this! The wings, the composition - everything.
I think the day centre sounds like a good idea and M will probably enjoy it too when she gets there - give it a go. You need some you time. Well done on the weight too!