Thursday, 17 January 2013

A little bit rusty...

I've been working on my clock this week.  My aim was to try and make it look like rusty metal.   Having no idea how I just had a go,  I first painted the frame with some gesso.  Then gave it a coat of black poster paint, a layer of PVA glue and some umber paint.  I was sparing with the PVA,  didn't want the crackle look, but rust!    After a blast with the heat gun I began to get what I wanted as the glue began to bubble nicely.  I applied a few layers of TH distress markers, brass, copper and silver, and kept on blasting away with the heat gun.  I left it dry overnight,  then today I added a very thin coat of  light brown poster paint.  Would have been nice to have some rub and buff,  but some perfect pearls did instead.  And this is the final result!  I just kept on making the PVA glue bubble up till I got a rusty looking effect.   I have to say I am really chuffed with this.   I did eventually find a Youtube demo,  will put the link up over the weekend.

Here is the whole clock frame.  My next task is to of course add the decoration.  I've got some bits and bobs I can use,  and have worked out what will be going in each panel. I've still got the back of the clock to do,  it will also be rusty.  Oh and cut some numbers out. 

It has been freezing cold here, now we are waiting for the snow to arrive!  It is due tomorrow.   I've already got the shopping,  went to a supermarket I generally avoid, but felt like a change then remembered why I avoid it - cos of the idiots that go there.  It isn't a very spacious supermarket,  but that doesn't stop the idiots from blocking up the aisles.  I was hoping that the DIY store may have had some rub n buff,  it tends to be a bit of an Aladdin's cave, but no such luck.  It was just too darn cold to hang around too long.   I picked up a few basic supplies on Tuesday from The Range,  still needed the U mount and some cheap PVA glue.  I discovered that Papermania do their own cling on for unmounted stamps, and it was bigger and cost a lot less than the Umount,  and I like it, not just for the cost it just seems nicer.  The large bottle of PVA cost me a whole £1,  at craft shop it was 3 times as much.  

Another up and down week,  I've noticed how mum is not only becoming more dependent on me, which is what I'd expect, but also very needy.    She's only been out once this week,  so I think it is time for me to suggest a day centre as I now definitely need some real 'me' time.   Got my BP check tomorrow, think it will be sky high due to stress - that's if I can get there,  won't be going if the white stuff is coming down. 

It will be more crafting tomorrow,  get the back of the clock sorted and the decoration.  Also picked up a copy of Stamper, and there is some stuff I'd like to try in there.

Stay safe and warm

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BJ said...

Looks mighty rusty to me, well done! BJ