Saturday, 26 January 2013

Time on my hands...

This was inspired by the Artful Times challenge,  but I can't enter it as it is a tag.   This mountboard tag has been hanging round my desk for weeks,  so had the small set of wings.

Rather than do a lot of stamping I chose to use some papers, from the Chronology PM range,   and then I used an embossing folder of a brick wall on another piece of black card.   Then I cut the cogs,  and added some brads, plus some 'watch' part die cuts.   The clock face is a TH stamp,  the wings are cut from grunge paper,  I used some very thick white embossing powder, which takes an age to melt, but it is worth the wait as you get some lovely effects depending on how long you heat it for, the heat also curls up the wings!  And that was it, so simple and it came together so quickly. I have got a piece started for the actual challenge.  But really enjoyed making this piece.

It's been a very odd week with the weather,  think we've had all four seasons this week, sometimes in one day!   Tuesday it was lovely, blue sky, sunshine,  still cold but it was nice to see the sun. Wednesday we had sleet, followed by that icy rain,  back to sleet and then snow.  Thursday was much the same,  then Friday started with rain,  then we got snow,  back to rain, then it dried up and at 9pm the heavens opened and down came an awful lot of snow in a very short space of time!   I saw the pictures on the TV of the hold ups on the M6, but couldn't help wondering how many of those people actually needed to be driving?  The forecast was accurate, we had all been warned, but still people refuse to listen.  A lot were moaning that they didn't see any emergency services,  the ES were doing a very good job given what they had to deal with, and that they also had to try to get through the traffic which was spread all over the motorway,  that also included snowmen being built in the fast lane - not so clever.   In bad weather if I don't need to travel then I don't.  

I must admit that on Friday I was glued to the tennis - Andy Murray in the Aussie semi final, brilliant match.  The final is tomorrow, so it will be another five setter and another long morning.  I wonder if the BBC now realise their mistake in NOT showing the US Open final last year when he won?  A very silly decision.   I had a lie in today,  it wasn't intentional,  as usual mum was up at around 3 a.m.,  that is when she feels peckish, but it too stiff and sore to make her own tea and toast.  So I did that for her, headed back to bed,  woke about seven and had my own breakfast, in bed...  then nodded off till nearly 10 a.m.,  very unlike me.   The snow had almost gone, it was all slush by the time I wandered over to the paper shop,  though I stuck to the road,  my new boots kept my feet nice and dry.  Mum wouldn't go out,  so she's not been out for 3 weeks,  she's got plenty of books and magazine, also her crossword books,  but what does she do - she falls asleep!   I've found the information on the day care centres, so I will discuss it with her tomorrow.

All for now folks,  thanks for stopping by and for your comments,  would just like to let the spammers know that all of their junk is unwantd and is deleted.

Stay safe and warm

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Dawn said...

Cass this is gorgeous sweetie, I love the gold touches, they always work so well with the more muted colours I think, really lifts everything. Tee hee, I succumbed to the chronology range too and got a few bits, one of their best yet! Hope you are OK my lovely, know how tough things must be at the moment, always here if needed.
Huge huggles x x x x