Saturday, 19 January 2013

Without fear...

Well it snowed!   It was supposed to start at around 11 a.m. yesterday morning, but it started at around breakfast and just kept on coming.    I'd miscalculated how much milk we had so had to go to supermarket where I was amazed to see it quite busy,  that was in spite of the howling snowstorm outside.

By lunchtime we had icicles on the windows,  and it was still snowing.   I was very happy to stay put.  I got on with my clock, which has turned into a project and then some.  I have been dithering over ideas and colours.  This could be the finished article, or not,  the colours are decided.   It is now stuck together, the bits aren't yet stuck on,  I may still change my mind about how it is to be decorated. 

My rub 'n buff came today, that was fast, and especially given the terrible weather.  Delighted with it. 

I do want to use this Angel on something as she is so beautiful.  She was a fridge magnet but was far too pretty to stay on the fridge door.    The lettering, such as it is, was made by the Slice,  using the Findings card, which also allows you to make shadows, or mirror images. 

I did venture out again today,  just to our corner shop.  I've got some of those snow grippers,  even so I took my time.  The main roads are now clear,  luckily the buses kept running yesterday which helps to mix in the salt.   I couldn't believe how many idiots were driving without lights,  along with those who hadn't cleared the snow off their windows properly - and then they wonder how accidents happen!   Always amuses me when a news report says a car swerved into a tree... but fails to mention that it required help from the human being behind the wheel.  

Another giggle was at the supermarket,  I picked up a pack of tomatoes which were labelled:  Classic Round Tomatoes...  what other shape to tomatoes come in?   Have Sainsburys plans to grow square or oblong tomatoes?    What next, white milk?   

Not sure if I will complete the clock tomorrow, may have a break from it and then decide on the decoration.  Feel the need to do something different,  hoping there will be something among the challenges that will get the mojo going.

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Julia S-W said...

Wow, this clock is amazing!! I love how you've worked out your own rust version and I really can't wait to see this finished. I haven't missed it I hope! I love the idea of using the heat gun to bubble up the surface too - will have to pinch that one.