Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Weary Wednesday

It's been a busy and stressful two days.   Mum wasn't well yesterday,  hard to say what was up, she doesn't want any unnecessary intervention.  She slept most of the day, but also had a couple of accidents, so I had some washing to do.  I also got on with some necessary chores, sorting out the kitchen cupboards!   Fortunately nothing was past its sell by date. 

Didn't really feel in the mood for much crafting yesterday,  was going to have a bit of a sort out but decided against it.  Also noticed that both wrists are becoming painful,  feel like I am falling apart.

I did put together this page for my craft/art journal,  just trying to put down positive words to boost my spirit. 

The first photo is my craft desk as I left it at 5pm...   a work in progress?    I decided I needed a treat today so picked up a craft mag,  chose the one with the lovely Woodware Owl stamps, and so had a play.  I stamped the Owl onto some cream linen card, then again onto two pieces of patterned card and did a spot of decoupage,  added his wings, nothing is stuck down yet, aside from the card.  There is also a frantaged tag, the blue thing,  which came out far better than I expected,  plus some ink pads, the trusty versarmark and TH stuff, acrylic blocks... and my syringe nearly empty of pinflair, craft sheet atop my nice glass cutting mat - love it, doesn't buckle when the heat gun goes near it!   And at the back the mess that is my craft space!   It is occasionally tidy  - not often. 

The Owl stamps are really nice,  very good quality, I am suspicious of some of the stamps offered by the magazines, but when I saw they were Woodware then I knew they'd be fine.   The freebie papers are nice as well.

Think my stressful 36 hours is starting to catch up with me!   Hopefully I'll finish the Owl project tomorrow. 

All for now, thanks for stopping by

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, sorry to read about your mum not being so well and that you are inevitably feeling too tired to craft. However, there are lots of nice things going on on your desk. The owl is cute and ideal for paper piecing and I do like the blue frantage piece too. Hang on to those affirmative words and perhaps my favourite mantra ... this too will pass. It kept me going through many a dark period. Elizabeth xx