Sunday, 13 January 2013

Not one flake of snow...  but it hasn't got any warmer.  

I've been wanting to make this picture for a while now.  The inspiration is the little owl, which was a present.   I used a piece of canvas board,  and the PM chronology papers,  a bit of lace,  and a couple of grungepaper flowers.  I got the verse from the internet.   Owls are my favourite birds,  and I now seem to be acquiring a collection of them.  In fact I was at the garden centre and noticed some lovely stuffed cloth owls,  was so tempted to buy one!   This pic is for me, so it will be going on one of my easels. 

Also had a sort out of the desk... it was a tad crowded!   I heard one of the CnC demonstrators say her workspace gets gradually smaller, so does mine!    It would be nice to be organised, but that isn't ever going to happen.  I also watched the CnC shows from CHA,  I did fear for Nigel's health as he didn't seem to be coming up for breath!   But it was a little too manic.  They've got the launch of the new Indigoblu stuff so will tune in for that. 

On the homefront mum's health continues to deteriorate.   I'm trying to encourage her to move a little bit more, she says she is very sore and stiff,  which comes from doing too much sitting around.   It was too cold for her to venture out yesterday,  even in the house she is complaining of being cold which leaves me sweltering as the heating has to go up.   There is also her annoying habit of wanting a cup of tea in the middle of of the night,  which wasn't an issue till now,  she's just not able to do it - may tell her to buy a teasmade! 

Not sure what I'll be doing crafting wise this week,  got the clock to get on with, may see what some of the other challenges bring.   The craft sort out is still waiting to happen. Perhaps I just ought to just do it and see what I have,  there is an awful lot not being used. 

Wherever you are stay safe,   and have a lovely week

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BJ said...

What an adorable owl, glad you have made him a great canvas to reside on and that you have done it for yourself too. Super job BJ