Friday, 4 January 2013

Long-winded crafting...

This craft lark can really become a bit involved! I started this on Wednesday,  took an age to choose the paper,  then the stamps.   I decided to make a fan,  so more fiddly folding, then glueing, waiting for it to dry.  Needed smooth cream card,  could I find any - no!

Yesterday the fan was dry and well stuck.  Found cream card, hooray...  found lace,  double hooray...   So it was then a case of what went were, and choosing a sentiment.  I was thinking of Hels challenge at Sunday Stampers, so may enter it for that.   I can't say the fan idea was original as I spotted it on CnC, that jogged my memory.

I do like this sentiment,  though I am having a few problems seeing my 'vision',  as the brain feels fogged up. 

The stamps do need a sort out,  and it is time I put away the Christmas stuff.   But first things first I need to clean the oven...   I've given it a good spray with some cleaner, so tomorrow me and it have a date!   Not my favourite job, but then does anyone like cleaning the oven?

It's also stopped raining...  even caught a brief glimpse of some blue sky this morning.  The weather lot are being all doom and gloom, but then last year they said we'd have a drought...  and look how wrong they were.

All for now folks, thanks for stopping by.

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