Sunday, 7 April 2013

Drfting along...

Another beautiful sunny day,  and a little warmer.   I had a mountain of ironing to do, bedding mostly,  so did that while I watched Barbara Gray.  I wasn't going to buy anything but, I saw the Gelli plate in action and somehow I ended up buying one!   I was enjoying Barbara's demos, but was getting irritated with the presenter, just wished she would shut up. With the ironing done, there was some sorting out to do, mostly stuff for the recycling centre. Then I had brunch, two poached eggs on toast while watching CnC! 

Then it was time for some crafting.  I went back to the project I'd started yesterday, after my declutter I'd found more coloured cardstock, and some shaped cardstock.  After some faffing I gave up on the project and did some pattern work.  I did a large piece and two smaller pieces.  After finishing the stamping I decided to ink the cards, then liking that I added some UTEE to the blue tile,  it really brought the colours out.  I also used the distress stamp on both using some coloured ink.   By this time I was feeling very relaxed, and pleased with my work.  It's always nice to complete something.  I've prepped a frame that I want to use,  and did some die cutting.   Of course I want the gelli plate to arrive NOW!

This is the larger piece, which I'm not so happy with,  I colour washed it.  The pattern isn't quite right, however this is what these pieces are all about, experimenting with stamps and shapes.  I like the stamp, but it needs work.

Bit of an up and down day,  in spite of the sunny day I didn't feel up to facing the world so tucked myself away in the flat.  I said to my sister yesterday that it didn't feel 'real', and she said she felt the same.  So much goes on after a death that you barely have time to think,  or let things sink in.  I felt it a bit more today as I was fixing brunch it hit me that I was now cooking for one.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, have to contact the housing association to see when they are coming to see me,  then take stuff to the recycling centre, the first of many trips!  And get some shopping.   I'm developing a new routine, that was helped by having my sister here,  they have an odd meal routine!   But that was good as it stopped me brooding,  and let me fall into their timetable.   I've lost half a stone,  and that is without trying, but then I do need to lose some weight, with not being able to get much exercise the pounds have piled on.  I am eating,  just need to adjust the portion sizes.  Sleep is rubbish,  I go to sleep then wake up,  start worrying,  so can't get back to sleep, then calm down and drift off by which time the sun is coming up! 

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BJ said...

Snap in the sleep department, especially last night! Had the radio on for some of the time the TV for other bits, good job both have sleep timers - LOL - More Hugs BJ

Max said...

Hi Cass ... remember me?
Am just getting back into blogging after a bit of a break and thought I'd catch up with some friends from my early blog days. Was quite shocked to realise how many blogs are no longer active ... some are gone altogether! Time moves on I suppose and priorities change. Still a bit sad though.

So sorry to read about your recent loss - your emotions are bound to be all over the place. I had a wee giggle reading about the antics on the beach though lol.
It will take time to find your new 'normal' so be kind to yourself and let things settle at your own pace. There's no definite timescale for grieving and although everything is probably a bit overwhelming at the moment, you'll eventually find a new routine which works for you.
Sending special thoughts to you. Take care
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