Saturday, 6 April 2013


These last two weeks seem to have dragged by.  The first week was a blur, then my sister arrived and some order was reinstated.   Of course we had the usual business to attend to and arranging the funeral.  We'd chosen a local firm, purely because my dad had known the owner,  and they'd organised dad's funeral.  We now wish we had shopped around,  the service we got was appalling,  it was as if we were choosing a carpet, the chap just ticked a load of boxes, tapped on his calculator and then showed us the 'quote'!  There was no small talk either.  We then told him what we wanted, no second car,  no expensive coffin, no minister (his fee alone was £160!).  We now all wish we'd just said no, that we would look elsewhere, but you don't because that means dragging out the agony.  We are making a complaint, and if I have my way some of that money will be coming back to us. 

You may be wondering about the odd pictures!  Well my nephew in law came up with the whacky idea that we put one of mum's coats on an Iron Man on Crosby Beach,  we all thought it thoroughly daft and very apt, so we did.  My sister and I felt that we should really put mum's dressing gown on the Iron Man, so we did.   The chap sneaking away is my brother in law,  he left me sinking in the mud! 

Today I had a plan,  my sister was heading back home, she was planning to leave by 11ish,  CnC had a Barbara Gray class... so perfect timing - Yes?  No,  as my sister in law appeared like a grey cloud,  fortunately she had got rid of the sour face she had for the funeral, even so her arrival through all plans into chaos.  So I missed the BG class...  phooey, will have to catch up online.   Then I ws on my own, me, myself and I...   with a lot of washing up to do.  What is it with men and cooking, why do they have to use every pan?  All my brother in law cooked was two bacon butties and 2 poached eggs on toast, yet the kitchen looked like a disaster area.   After dealing with all that I...

finally got to my craft desk,  such a relief,  though I can't say I've been wanting to craft.  I was up at 4 a.m. one night messing with patterns,  but other than that the craft has been on hold.  Today I got out my stuff,  and plan to turn this lot into something nice tomorrow.  Not sure what yet, but no doubt something will emerge.   And fingers crossed I will get to see Barbara Gray tomorrow morning. 

A funny old day,  Grand National day as well,  I did watch the race.   Then I had to cook,  a bit of a shock as my brother in law has been in charge of the kitchen for the last two weeks.   I had sausage, mash and gravy,  mum hated mash and gravy, so we never had it.     Just been chatting to a friend on skype, showed her the Iron Man photos, she thinks I am bonkers, but loved the idea.  And my bed is now calling me, so think I best hit the hay. 

Back to crafting tomorrow,  before I disappear into the black hole otherwise known as the cloak room!  It needs sorting out.  

Thanks for stopping by,  enjoy the weekend.

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BJ said...

Glad to see you back blogging Cassidy, have been checking by regularly. HUGS BJ