Thursday, 18 April 2013

New toy

My latest toy arrived today.  It has lots of lovely stamps,  and is quite quirky.  It comes beautifully packaged, just a shame that you have to ruin the packaging to the stuff out,  it would have been ideal to store it all in.

So out came the copy paper,  well it is best to always try out new things!   It is very easy to use,  self explanatory really.   It is worth drawing some guidelines, you can put it onto the card and hope it is in the middle but... 

It also came with an inkpad, but while the ink is okay the case is a bit flimsy,  I switched to my black versamark. Also got out some adirondiacs.  But where to start?  There are so many stamps it was hard to know which to use first.

This was the first attempt,and as you can see I managed to move the gear slightly,  I was also being lazy and not moving the card.  Lesson learned.  Even so I loved the stamp,  it has a very soft feel to it.  This was with one of the TH distress inks.   I also misjudged the distance I needed to move the stamp on the applicator. But it is all about trial and error.   Even though it is a bit of a mess I still enjoyed myself.

Second attempt,  this time I took a bit more care, and I moved the card.  A different stamp, in fact I used two, a smaller one to get the square in the middle.  I just added the butterflies cos I felt like it. 

I had a couple more rough attempts,  which are not fit for viewing as I confused myself and messed up the spacing.   But there were definite signs of improvement. 

This is also out of alignment, again due to carelessness on my part.  I am tired,  didn't have a very good nights sleep.  So it was time for a cup of tea.

I was just working my way through the stamps, wanting to see which worked with which.   The cup of tea did the trick, as did a spot of Sheena watching,  she is so chaotic,  but I do love her work. 

The last one before it was time to make dinner. This one I am very happy with,  I got things lined up nicely,  took my time, moved the card and it all came together.   I'll be having a lot of fun with this over the next few days.

Today wasn't a good day,  messed up my lunch,  did some shopping but forgot the milk!   And I ruined my dinner, didn't cook the gammon for long enough,  so just ate the outside bits.  The mash was lovely,  good jog I had some plain yogurt,  mixed it with some fruit. 

The tenancy stuff is now all finalised,  the Housing Officer called again, went through my HB form,  he said it was the best he'd ever seen,  I did tell him that I had worked as a CAB advisor at one point.   Funny how quickly it all came back,  though my speciality was DLA.  There were only a couple of questions I wasn't sure about.   When I am able to think a bit clearer I'd like to explore the possibility of going back to the CAB, and then move on to Welfare Rights work.

I think I can finally get on with the decorating.  I know I'll feel better once mum's room is looking pretty.  

All for now, many thanks for the comments, they are always much appreciated.

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