Saturday, 13 April 2013

Geilli Plate fun

Today was Gelli Plate day.   I had a voucher for the craft shop so popped up to get a couple of masks.   I did watch the video on the Gelli Plate web site so I would know what to do.  Then it was time to play! 

I've got two brayers, the speedball and a harder brayer, so I used the latter first.  I put some paint onto the plate,  just ordinary acrylic paint,  around a teaspoonful, spread it out and applied the mask, pressed the mask down a little then took it off, put on the paper,  pressed that down and got this result.   I cleaned everything, it is best to have some kitchen roll, a spray bottle (just water) handy.  Then  I used another colour.

For this piece I used a mask, and made the wavy lines with a comb.  Anything that will make a pattern can be used.   The plate comes with instructions as to what you can use and not use in terms of paints and inks.  I remembered Barbara Gray's tip of keeping the plate in its original packing,  a very good idea as it has to be kept clean and of course stored flat.

It is a question of experimenting, so I was using copy paper.   I have the smaller plate so you can fit two patterns on one piece of paper if you are feeling frugal.  It is messy, so make sure you have plenty of cleaning kit handy.   If you like making your own backgrounds then this is a very

handy piece of kit.  For the last piece I used a stamp,and a butterfly die.  I really do like this, it shows how you can progress in a very short space of time.   I'm looking forward to using this plate more,  I can see it becoming a well used piece of kit. 

I also succumbed to the Inkadinkadoo special purchase on CnC.  Was watching it again this morning and thought... mmm, shall I, shan't I, oh what the heck,  the stamps alone will be well used, so I got it. I'm guessing it can be used also with the gelli plate - watch this space!

And here is my completed frame, the photo imaging program has rather enhanced the green!  Not sure if I like the picture i the middle, but that can be changed.  I'm pleased with the flowers,  I used a soft yellow and green card. 

Today was a 'not so bad' day.  I felt as though a small cloud had lifted,  it helped that when I woke up the sky was blue and the sun was beating down,  it felt warm.  I threw out the flowers from the funeral, they were past their best, and got some fresh roses,  I love fresh flowers, so did mum, we always made sure we had some each week.  Took down the cards as well,  I'll keep them as such lovely things were written about mum.  I've also put out some of my own stuff in the living room, sorry mum but the brass just had to go!   She knew I'd get rid of it and often said so.   I used to clean it as a child, that was how I earned my pocket money.  I also managed a fairly good nights sleep,  woke up twice but did get back to sleep, even had a small lie in.   I braved the supermarket as well, a treat of some nice cheese and crusty bread was in order, and some cheesecake.   It seemed the balmy weather had broutght everyone out, so the roads were busy, as was the garden centre.  The craft shop had a demo, but I'm not that interested,  unless they are teaching something unusual, this one was just Do Crafts,  no longer up my street.  I decided to take the country route home and by the time I got home it was cloudy, windy and raining!   I'm sure my garden is appreciating the wet stuff. 

I hope your weekend is going well. 


BJ said...

Well the Gelli plate is definitely a hit with you and yes you did progress in a short space of time. The CnC offer - was that the circle/square/oval system thing (that was all I caught in the CnC today). Glad to see you are getting it together Cassidy - more HUGS - BJ

Anne said...

Love the results you have achieved. The more I hear about the Gelli plate the more I feel the need to get one :-) Have some birthday money left so who knows?
Hugs Anne x (UKPC)

Anne said...

Love the results you have achieved. The more I hear about the Gelli plate the more I feel the need to get one :-) Have some birthday money left so who knows?
Hugs Anne x (UKPC)

Cazzy said...

I want one, I don't know why I don't buy one, who am I kidding - I spend enough on other stuff!
Mind you I did look and they were out of stock, was thinking the bigger one might be best. I know there is an even bigger one they brought out too!