Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Well the lovely spring weather continues,  I've managed two very slow hobbles round to the high street,  just nice being out and feeling the sun on my face. 

The decorating is done,  as my aching body can testify it was hard work, a bit harder than I thought it would be.  But it all went to plan,  woodwork was done on Saturday,  then Sunday I did the walls, they needed two coats, but I just took my time.  Thank goodness for rollers, I got one of those adjustable rollers which made life so much easier.   The last bit was the carpet tiles, they went down without a problem,  I found the DST,  so they are firmly stuck down!   It all looked so pretty when I'd finished,  mum would have loved it. I rearranged the furniture,  today I replaced the caulk on the window frame and put the curtains back up.  I found a nice lampshade for the bedside lamp.  So it is all done and dusted.

Yesterday I played a bit more with the inkadinkado frames and gears,  I'm improving!   I'm glad that CnC let some of the presenters use it, those that had never used it before,  as it was obvious John had practised a lot!  I think I'm almost ready to actually use the kit to make a frame or picture.  In the meantime...

I picked up 3 small frames for 99p each, can't argue with that price!  They started life as above,  dark stained wood, then I gave one a few coats of gesso,  a coat of pale yellow, the glue then white, and gave it a blast with the heat gun to get the distressed effect.  Then I used a stamp,  a recent purchase, Kaiser Craft,  using the rusty hinge from the TH collection.  Topped it with a coat of lacquer,  just to help seal it. Next I had to decide what was going to go inside.  The frames are for some friends who've been helping me through this bad time.

So for the first one I chose a Clarity stamp, a favourite I have to say.  And the right size for the frame!  I used gold heat embossing powder,  though I do have some cosmic shimmer powders on their way, so it may change.  I used a small piece of bazzil cardstock,  it is from a sample pack that came with something, can't remember what now.  And then cut a small butterfly,  but think it may also need a couple of flowers in the other corner to balance it, we'll see.  A very enjoyable afternoon's crafting.

I've also managed to get all my paperwork in order,  bought one of those expanding file thingies,  so for the first time in my life things are in order - amazing!   I got some new pans as well,  mum refused to let me buy new ones as she kept saying that there was nothing wrong with the old ones, well except that the non stick had long gone.  Dunehelm Mill had some on offer,  nice heavy pans with a long guarantee.  Also got some vac bags, one is a vac tote,  the plan is to put all the extra bedding in them.   So tomorrow it is into the black hole aka the cloakroom!   I had a bit of a tidy up the other day, so it isn't as bad as it was,  it just needs things putting in place. 

I had another trip to the recycling centre on Monday,  took the old carpet,  and loads of other stuff. Amazing how much clutter we collect,  I am being ruthless, not even daring to think the 'that might come in useful' thought!  No time for that,  things have got to be sorted out.  I'm doing what my sister advised me to do, which was to make the flat my own.  A very good piece of advice, mind you she did help by sorting out a lot of stuff while she was here,  we rejigged the kitchen cupboards,  though it has taken a while to get used to where things are! 

Now I'm having a break from decorating,  next project is my room,  wasn't sure what colour to go for, fancied a change then last night I was chatting to a friend on skype, she was in her kitchen and I took a liking to the turquoise on her walls!   The aches and pains are now easing up, yesterday I could barely move,  my back is really sore,  as were my wrists.  Well more tidying tomorrow, and more crafting.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, you have been busy but it sounds as though it's all for the best of reasons. The flat will soon reflect your personality completely and feel very much like your home too. Turquoise in a hoard of shades and hues - duck egg, ocean, turtle seas - are all around our house ... just love it. I think you'll love it too. Are you now planning to alter the now spare room - the one you are paying room tax for - into a craft studio by any chance? Take it easy and have fun :) Elizabeth xx