Wednesday, 17 April 2013


The housing officer came today,  he was very nice and was trying to make life easier for me.  I was very touched by his kindness.   All the forms were filled in and the tenancy was approved, so the flat is now mine.  Just negotiated the housing benefit form, love to meet the person who put it together, plain English it isn!   Anyway it is done, and housing officer is picking it up tomorrow, and he'll check it for me.  Of course I am landed with the ruddy bedroom tax.... grrrr Thatcher would be proud of her offspring!

Left the decorating,  and got out the stamps. Started with this,  it took my mind off everything. 

This is a corner stamp,  I drew guidelines,  then carefully began stamping. 

My pattern stamp kit is on its way!   It could arrive tomorrow, which would be nice. 

More decluttering today.  The housing officer needed some proof of ID, and other stuff, so that forced me to sort out my paperwork.  Everything is now neat and tidy, and can be found, which makes a change.  I'm realising how stressful caring was,  you don't realise at the time, you just get on with it, but then you have no energy or time for anything else.   Even if I put time aside for things like paperwork then something would always crop up.

This was me just messing,  stamped the image with my grotty versamark,  then used some clear embossing powder.  This is just for the art journal.  I can see I need some white detail powder, and more adiorondac inks in different colours.  Most of my small inheritance is dedicated for sensible stuff, but there is a bit put aside from craft stuff, and a holiday.  CnC have got capped P&P at the moment... mmm.  

I made myself a roast dinner tonight, I'd  not eaten much during the day and realised that I was quite hungry.   So it was a roast chicken breast, roast spuds and veg,  and very nice it was too!  Meals are a battle, most of the time I don't feel like cooking, but I do make the effort.  The roast tonight was a good and bad idea, good because it was nice, bad because it was one of the last meals I'd cooked for mum, and which she'd really enjoyed. She hadn't been eating much, but she had made a real effort to eat that night.   Most of the stuff in the freezer is sorted out for two people,  just have to use it up, then it will be easier.   

And of course there was 'that' funeral,  I found it nauseating, how many services does one dead woman need in order to rest in peace?    The whole thing was OTT, and it was our money being wasted,  the government have so far refused to say how much has been spent.   She was not in the league of Churchill or Atlee,  she espoused the very methodism I rejected, as did the rest of my family.   Meanwhile they are cutting funding cancer drugs,  cutting the NHS budget, and attempting to privatise it by the back door. 

On that note...  off to get a glass of wine.

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Cazzy said...

There isn't a 202, what are you like!

Thanks for visiting though, love that last project.

It is nice that you are sorting things out and being sensible too!

Cazzy x