Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Got a new flat mate!

At last Sergei arrived!   He seems to like the recliner, could be the old bones.   He was a very nice surprise after a bad Monday.   I'd had a sleepless night, woke up early,  gave up on sleep at 6.30 and so put on some washing, then did some dusting,  decided not to vacuum at such an early hour.  I had a few things to do, pay a bill, pay in a cheque, get some shopping.  Was all done by 11 a.m. and then I ran out of steam, wasn't helped by a crass email from a 'friend' who waffled on about her broken down car, like I care?   This 'friend' has just been insensitive since mum died and has continually put both feet in it,  enough was enough so I told her not to contact me again.  Everyone else has been lovely, all my crafty friends, those from UK paper crafters,  fellow bloggers,  my friends on FB,  all except for this one woman!  Not once has she actually asked how I am, or how I'm doing, she's just banged on about herself. 

Two friends told me I was trying to do too much, so today I had a rest day and just crafted.  I started this piece on Saturday, but as usual the design plans changed.  I picked up the little wooden arch from the craft shop, £2.50.  I gave it a couple of coats of gesso.  Then mixed acrylic paint with some dylusions.  The photo doesn't show it but it has given me a nice streaky effect. For once I took my time,  I'm usually eager to get the piece finished and so end up making mistakes.  

For the back I did my crackle effect, using PVA and acrylic mixed with the dylusions,  it gave a much better effect than just using acrylic paint.   For those unfamiliar with this technique you need, some PVA (cheap stuff),  and acrylic paint.  Put on the colour you want to show through,  then add the PVA glue,  you don't want too much or too little,   too much and you won't get a good crackle effect, same if you use too little, so play around.  Then put on the top coat of acrylic, while the PVA is still wet,  then use your heat gun, on a low setting to dry it.  As it dries the PVA shrinks and takes the paint with it. 

Also found another trick, I made a mistake with the colour so had to wash it off, not wanting to wait for the wood to dry I put it in the microwave for 10 seconds,   it needed another 10 to get it completely dry, but times will vary depending on what you want to dry. 

For the two front panels I just painted them.  I cut some panels (spellbinders),  and then two butterflies. The die was a freebie from 'Simply Cards and Papercraft', and it cuts beautifully.   I stamped round the edges with a flourish stamp, just catching the edges.  I also did the sides as well.

I chose the Hope sentiment, by Crafty Individuals, to go inside, again using a die cut frame to highlight it. 

This will be in my room once it is decorated.  Got mum's room to do first, it is now all prepped,  washed the walls and ceiling yesterday.   So once the housing officer has been tomorrow I should get the ceiling done.  I'd not heard anything from the Housing Association about the change in tenancy, so called them again today,  and discovered they'd phoned the day of mum's funeral.  They weren't to know, even so I thought it was a bit odd that I'd had no letter from them.

But it has been sorted now, just have the paperwork to do. That will be the last bit of paperwork regarding mum, everything else has been switched to me. 

Last picture shows the back,  I used a Kaiser Craft stamp, some little butterflies, and a few flourishes.  

Feel a bit guilty for not being out in this lovely weather.   It has at last warmed up here,  but it has been rather windy!    I'm having real problems with my left knee, which was the good knee,  and my back has also been very painful.  If I don't move I'm fine... !   I should get my Inkadinkadoo thing by the end of the week.  I've also ordered something more boring, but very important, the new anti virus program,  Norton wanted £60 odd quid for a years protection,  I went Amazon and just bought the 2013 version, which is what I do every year. 

I did catch the new Clarity Stamp show on CnC, I remembered Barbara saying something about it, some nice stamps.  And some interesting techniques from Maria (I think that was her name, missed the start of the show).   A bit too much CD crafting on today for my liking,  I did succumb to a CD once, but have hardly used it, found the quality wasn't very good, which is why I'm not mentioning any names!  Though I do like my craft artist studio,  that has made a difference to my crafting, I can make some nice inserts now,  and I have done some scrap pages as well. 

Well that is all for now,  decorating tomorrow, crafting again on Thursday, but not sure what!


BJ said...

Oh swoon Cassidy, my fav colour. The crackle technique is brilliant. Love the little arch with all the stamping too. Gentle HUGS not to hurt your back and knee.

Cazzy said...

It is so hard Cass, you do need to take it slow, some days are good and some not.

Love the arch, and the decorating will be theraputic.

Cazzy x

Cazzy said...

Oh and I nearly forgot, someone posted a card in our challenge and I love the stamp so had to go look and found a whole web site of stamps and matching dies - sigh! They might not post to the UK I don't know yet.

Cazzy x