Friday, 19 April 2013

Painting and stamping...

A goodish night's sleep... and I thought a lie in, until I looked at the clock and saw that it was 8 a.m. and not 9 a.m.!  Oh well. 

Painting:  a ceiling.  At last I got going on mum's old room.  My washing of walls and ceiling paid off I'm glad to say,  the ceiling is white once again.  I gave it two very good coats.   Just gave the woodwork a wash and rub down,  and that was it for today.   I do not want to end up as stiff as a board tomorrow, so it will take 3 days.  Woodwork tomorrow,  I am grateful that the window frame is plastic!  I hated painting it before the put in the double glazing.  I tried out the wall paint,  it is a very pretty spring green.

So after all that exertion, and a much needed cheese sandwich, for once I was hungry, it was back to the Stamping Gear kit.  I'd watched Leonie this morning on CnC and was happy to see her make a few mistakes.   Today's efforts are much better.  The top one was just the last play of the day, so it isn't lined up properly, but it has given me more ideas.  This one I went too far with the stamping, should have stuck with the centre.  It does pay to have some sort of plan. And I have a tip,  if you are using one of the smaller stamps at the end of the paddle, then put another small stamp at the other end, it helps to get an even result.  Just thought that you could probably line two up,  the smaller stamps.

This is the one I am most happy with,  only one slight mistake.  I used the large square gear, and then the small square cog for the outside stamping.  They are easy to line up, if you watched CnC you will have seen Leonie and Nancy point out that the gears and cogs do have markers on them.  I think if there is one improvement they could make it would be to make the fitting for the paddle a bit more snug, there is an allowance, so if the paddle isn't in then your stamp may be slightly out of kilter with the rest.   Other than that it is easy to use and results do come quickly.  Not yet tried it with the versamark stamp and powders, or gilding flakes.   Just wanting to get a bit more practice in.
I also realised it is the Aintree Craft show next week - yippee!   I can stock up on card and glue, plus look for other goodies.  I thought I may have missed it as I'd not seen it advertised anywhere. 

Well all for now, enjoy the weekend,  isn't is nice to have sunshine and warm weather?

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BJ said...

Oh I love the bottom one too, super job. BJ