Thursday, 25 April 2013

New stash!

Another rubbish nights sleep, but managed to have a lie in and a very lazy morning.  My plan was to go to the craft fair, only...  got there and it wasn't on.  I had checked the internet, and checked it again when I got back, so no idea what was going on.  So feeling miffed I went to the craft shop... more about that later.

I did finish off the small picture frame, I bought the cosmic shimmer powders from CnC,  and thought that the orange would go perfectly on the frame.  Well the powders arrived today and yep, the orange did the trick.  Very happy with this,  I took my time with it,  just to make sure I got it right. So one frame done, two to go. 

So back to craft shop.  I spent some money!  Chose 3 dies, well it was buy two get one free, seemed like a good bargain,  got this lovely frame and more butterflies, and a two flourish dies.  Then found I had four dies,  two were the same,  checked the receipt and saw I'd only paid for two so....  can only assume that the other die must have been stuck under the frame die.  I'll take it back tomorrow.   I've already cut these dies, the frame is lovely, and of course there is the 'waste' which will be very useful.  They also cut very easily.

Then I spotted some new Crafty Individual stamps and dies, they sort of fell into my basket, as did an embossing folder.  I'm collecting the sentiment stamps,  and well just couldn't resist the flourish.  So I have my cosmic shimmer powders,  only used them on white card so far, can't wait to see what they do on black. I have noticed though that they leave a residue,  which is a tad annoying. I'l have to see if some talc will stop it happening.

So I had a happy afternoon playing with everything.  I will be a bit more creative tomorrow,  just wanted to finish the frame, and then do some cutting, and stamping.   I find that its best to get the stamps going so to speak before trying to use them on a piece. Same with the dies, the first cut is usually tricky,  though it wasn't in this case.  Was talking to the assistant and she said she'd found the spellbinders to be the most awkward,  I've only got a couple and one is very detailed so I expected it to be a bit tricky.  But I am loving my calibur,  no more need for shims, or faffing around, nope it just cuts, then embosses.  And more cutting machine companies could follow Calibur with the idea of giving you all the boards and tan mat.  I thought I may still use the bug, but it is now just on the shelf, so think it can now go on ebay. 

I feel better for a restful day,  though the back is definitely dodgy,  getting sharp pains and a lot of pain in my right leg, it does not bode well. 

All for now, thanks for stopping by

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kokoclowie said...

The image in the frame reminds me of a silhouette cd i have! Love the new dies, and the stamps :) Have fun, I look forward to seeing what you make with them ;)
Karen xxx