Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A brilliant day

Wow, what a day,  I'm exhausted.   Our exhibition opened today  - Creative Alternatives, or art therapy.  Had to be there by 11 a.m., and for once I got there with some time to spare, good thing as my friend needed some sustenance and I needed a cuppa.  A lot of people turned up,  so it was hard to view all the work (will have to go back).   But I did manage to take a few picsof the fabulous work, kite painting, ceramics, pottery and of course glass painting.  Also have to thank Rachel who put the display together so beautifully.  Some amazing work.

These are just some of the fantastic kites,  just so colourful.  They were done on silk with fabric paint,  and such rich, vibrant colours.  I was really jealous of the group that got to do these, just hoping our group gets to have a go!

And this is how you make a plain, white plate into something beautiful.   I think our tutors have the best job in the world, they get to help people make these gorgeous creations - not a bad way to spend you day.

I loved these pagodas,  and I want to make one!   Some very finely detailed cut work and delicate colours used in the painting.   There was an awful lot of work that went into making these.

And finally my piece.  I have to thank Rachel for lighting this so well as it really brought it to life.

We were also invited to a workshop,  wasn't sure what to expect but I had a lot of fun!   We did some writing therapy, and made a collage - haven't made one since I was at school but I really enjoyed myself.   Journal 52 uses a lot of collage,  so I think I am going to have to use it a lot more.    In the afternoon, yes that was just the morning, we had a prescriptive poetry workshop held by a charming chap called William Sieghart who is  a publisher.
I've not had such a tiring day for a very long time, well not one were I also enjoyed myself so much. I was amazed by my own enthusiasm for the workshop,  I don't much like being creative in public as I feel very self conscious,  but today it just didn't matter as I was so absorbed in what I was doing. There was a double reward,  not only did we produce some nice pieces of work, but just seeing the smiles on the faces of our tutors.  And we also had a chance to thank the backroom staff who work very hard.

I think I will sleep tonight! 

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