Thursday, 13 February 2014

It was all a bit scary!

It all got a bit too much yesterday with the hurricane force winds.  I'm not normally bothered but I will admit to being scared last night.  At one point I heard and almighty crash, and this morning I saw that the tree on our bit of a field had lost one of its biggest branches, luckily no-one was hurt. The other damage was minimal, well in our little road, a lot more damage elsewhere.  Chaos too in Liverpool, rail station shut, no trains, think the airport may have shut at one point.
Yesterday afternoon I did some encaustic work,  amazing how relaxing it is.   It helped take my mind off the awful weather for a while.  Just did a few pictures.  Then I had to check my stuff for art therapy,  had to make sure I had everything, last week I forgot my aromatherapy pillow!  Making it has given me an idea for Xmas presents this year.   I then spent the rest of the evening on skype, figured the earphones would muffle the sound of the wind. 

Today at Art Therapy I had a surprise, a nice one.  I'd not seen my mandala picture with the light coming through it so I was utterly gobsmacked when I saw how beautiful it looked.  I couldn't believe I'd made it.  I had to say goodbye to it as it was needed for the exhibition, so no pic of the finished piece :-(    I also had a lesson in patience today.  We were at the point of making the covers for the pillows,  the tutor persuaded me to have a go at using the sewing machine (my last experience was not good, almost stuck the needle in my finger).  I watched another student use it, she was also a bit nervous,  but I watched for a few minutes then went an sat down to wait my turn, and I waited and waited...  next thing it was home time, and my pillow was still in pieces.  Not sure how it took the other student over an hour to make her pillow, it was a case of sewing three sides!   I felt a bit annoyed, then I reminded myself that everyone in the room suffers from anxiety and low self esteem, so I told myself off for being impatient.   I can hand sew mine,  just need to brush up on some blanket stitch.   So two lessons in two weeks, the first was not trying to be such a perfectionist, and now one in patience.   I watched my friend happily painting her glass picture,  and she decided to make a feature of the bubbles!  A brilliant idea, and she chose some pretty 'out there' colours as well,  it was a picture that just made you smile.   It was also time for three students to say goodbye,  but what is nice is that the art therapy people present everyone with a lovely card and get everyone to sign it.  That just shows how caring they are.   Our other tutor also showed how romantic he is by telling us what he was making for his wife for Valentines day, all I can say is that she is very lucky lady!

Well another storm is heading our way,  when will this awful weather stop?   It is heartbreaking seeing all the homes under water, but also heartwarming to see communities coming together to help one another.

Stay safe

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